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  1. Wood elf for dat +5 accuracy Kinda wish humans had varied racial abilitites instead of muh fighting spirit for all of them You got pale elves/wood elves, mountain/boreal dwarves, hearth/wild orlans and coastal/island aumaua with different stuff
  2. How big is obsidian anyways? I heard they were packing it up and going out of business a few years ago If one part is working on tyranny and sawyer says he's not working on it that means another part is doing something else?
  3. Shapeshift would be nice if it didn't make all the bonuses from gear the druid has disappear. Range is preferred for most high level fights on PoTD as well. In fact I'd be content if that tornado tier 8 spell just stayed fixed in place for a duration and not move all over the map at the very least.
  4. Ugh in previous builds, with aoes, it applied the bonus only against the same target your enemy was attacking and not the rest so it looked like a bug. Oh well I guess the merciless hand is now better for aoe casters in that case.
  5. I mean you have all these classes getting great stuff like sacred immolation, concelhaut's crushing doom, defensive mindweb/time parasite, storm of holy fire (I really love this one saved my butt so many times) Yet the druid seems to get boring summons like the timed slow moving ooze summons, nature's bounty which is just frankly uninspired giving an item in every slot, weather the storm (another uninspired spell) +15 DR to elements for a short time... Then part 2 comes along and I'm expecting greater spells and it's Avenging storm which is ok but relentless storm is already doing the stun thing better and it's melee only pretty useless to ranged, another summon that doesn't seem to deal much damage and is limited by time and the tornado which is a terrible spell that often comes right back to your party to mess your day up. It would have been better if it was foe only. Doesn't even deal that much damage and calling the world's maw prones for more time and both are vs fortitude. That and druids only got 3 spells per the final two tiers which mages got a bunch of fun stuff to play with like that wall of many colors which is pretty great and 4 spells each. Well I know they have their uses but it felt like a letdown to me
  6. Like the survival accuracy buff bonus applying only to single target spells and not aoes, the mob justice ability also shares the same issue where it doesn't apply to aoes but does so on single target spells. Not sure if it was reported.
  7. It is. The game feels great now across all classes. But I'd wait a few more days for 3.02. It contains 400+ fixes and is already in beta. Plus it adds a nice +4 int ring that wasn't obtainable before.
  8. Someone from reddit (supercameocandy) tipped me off that there's 22 duran iron ingots from part one and he's actually right There was a hidden stash in a vase by the grey sleeper With that it's 36 duran iron ingots
  9. It's driving me nuts since the load times are so high It could also be from doing certain quests differently that might yield high rewards. Or maybe there aren't any more. IIRC they added the +4 int ring in the latest beta that was in the files but not in 3.01 so they might have even forgotten.
  10. Been searching in the usual spots to get some closure and for Farentis I thought he was related in some way to that bodyguard's contracter we saw at the start of the abby. Assuming you let the low tiders go EDIT: Found Wengra on top of the west tower figured she's be in the front or at the forge
  11. UPDATE: Now that it's a nice even 36 I'm updating the post for future reference. So for part 1 we know there's 22 Part 1 taken from pi2repsion and modified with the one he missed (Thanks supercameocandy) Total: 22 Longfalls: 1 (Secret) just west below the fortification with Lagufeth in the middle of the map. 1 (Secret) in Cave where alpine dragon resides. 1 (Secret) in a vase near the grey sleeper (Top right of the map) Durgan's Battery: 1 Great Hall NW room with part of 3-part helmet (Garondh's chorus). 1 Mines Workshop 2 Mines secret area reached by using mine chart, looking around, and grabbing lever (dex check) and shifting your pary's body weight to alter the path of the cart works as well. 8 (Secret) Mines, mining cart in room in SW corner (You need to free the dwarf corpse stuck in ice and look at his note within the great halls for this to be visible) 1 Foundry NW, room NW of Treasury 1 Foundry S, room at S end of corridor. 2 Foundry W, bench N at the forge itself. Crägholdt: 3 (Secret) spot in the room with floating weapons in the Archmage's tower according to mph. For part 2 so far I found 14 Total: 14 Durgan's Battery: 1 in the top left locked room of the restored Great Hall in the Battery 1 in the foundry where you smelt the ingots on the right bench 2 on a container ancient guardian in West Tower lower (Room with ancient guardians) 2 as a reward from completing the ready the canons quest 1 as a quest reward from deryan after you smith abydon's hammar while progressing the main quest Stalwart: 3 in the stalwart temple which you have to steal Iron Flail Fort: 2 (Secret) in iron flail camp hidden on a tree stump top right of the map Mowrghek Ien: 2 from completing bogged down quest So in total a nice 36 If anyone finds any not mentioned, feel free to post it
  12. I noticed how neat camping is with the choose your own bonus when you pick up survival so it made me wonder why resting at the stronghold wasn't like that?
  13. I REALLY liked the ending to white march part 2. Made me itch for more so I was hoping they would jump to a PoE 2.
  14. It's odd how it works but so far on my Druid it did increase damage on overwhelming wave which is a crush type damage when I tested it on bears. But the increase might be based off the base damage of the skill. So for overwhelming wave the base is 30-40 so 30 x .25/ 40 x .25 from beast slayer gives a 7.5 damage increase for minumum and 10 to the max which is added on to the increase might gives. So for me, might gives a 33% boost which makes the skill 40-53. Add the beast slayer to base and it should be around 47.5-63. Since it hit oernos for 58 base before DR, the skill did work. Gonna test it with elemental damage later. Edit: Tested secrets of rime on my human party with chill fog and these type of talens scale off the base damage of any skill before might is applied. Tested that by looking at my chill fogs damage which is base 12-18. With might bonus of 36% damage it goes to 16-24. If secrets of rime scaled after the might damage was applied it would be 19.3-28.8. But one of the hits on my human party member was 18.8. Meaning it scales off base which would be lower at 18.4-27.6 Having confirmed that it scales like that. I then used chill fog on more bears with my wizard having secrets of rime + beast slayer. One of the hits on an elder bear was 32.2. Which is much higher than rime would provide by itself meaning beast slayer increases damage off of elemental spells as well based off the base damage. So it would give my chillfog boosted by 36% damage from might, 20% from secrets of rime and 25% beast slayer around 21.72-32.58 damage. Or basically a 81% damage increase from base since all modifiers seem calculate off the base damage only.
  15. The next beta patch should have a lot of positive changes to cipher powers to balance things out; lots of the underpowered powers are getting buffed to compensate for the increased costs. I suspect that as the level cap got higher they had to rework ciphers to keep them from getting crazypowered. Where did you read this? My druid feels pretty weak now that I can't throw out sunbeams. Wish the mastered spells WERE buffed so that sunbeams wouldn't do piddling damage. Maybe a 2x damage multiplier on the damaging one's or increased duration on the buffs/debuffs.
  16. Ah I see. Before they were scaling with int and were bigger so I was wondering why it was "nerfed." If you go to an earlier build you can see the seals scaled just fine so I'm assuming the nature of the seals were changed for some reason.
  17. Outside of combat, even with my two party members equipped with the boots of speed, they are still walking slow. I understand that the nerf was so that members that have the boots don't run too far but was it also intended that when all members have a pair, that they are limited in speed as well?
  18. It's a bit annoying. I'm steamrolling through PoTD and that drake area was nearly a ghost town. Not even resting anymore People complained about this?
  19. Likely another requirement. The wiki said you need benevolance of 3 but I have 4 and it did not work. She just said the gamble is too high still and left. This is on a new game. Tried it on my older save game where I did most of the main game stuff and it still did not work at benevolance 4. I don't know that the trigger is. Even bribing her just makes her not attack me and she still fights on his side.
  20. I just noticed this skill. Seems really good but on PotD where I find my magic/ranged characters always near death and in need of quick heals, I'm not sure whether to pick it up. Seems to be safest on ranged characters but even then they are often targeted as the weakest link as well by ranged enemies. Still though, +3 might and constitution with 25% attack speed even with -10 deflecton and hidden health seems really good. I guess I'm not sure how annoying the no visible health thing might be
  21. Yup. Don't even use the named companions anymore just straight up custom. Haven't touched the dlc ones since custom are just completely superior
  22. Ah that's fine but they initially treated it like a bug. If they would say it's a nerf than I wouldn't mind but just knowing it might be bugged bothers me.
  23. Bumping this since the issue still exists in 3.0.. Is it even a bug or is the range fixed now?
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