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  1. Caedebald's Blackbow? I tried it for a bit, it's nice, but I still prefer Spirit Lance (hits just as hard but has AOE damage and 20% speed) or Minor Blights. The terrified effect is kind of nice though, and it certainly looks cool. For level 8 spells, my favorite by far is Wall of Many Colors.
  2. Apparently it is a permanent change, because it is still present in the release version 3.0. They fixed Ciphers before the patch released today (in the previous beta patch). Essentially, they kept the increased focus cost, but buffed focus gain and many of the powers to compensate.
  3. Maybe it's a custom Hide Armor? That's the one kind of armor in existing PoE that has this problem. But otherwise I agree with your sentiment. I've been happy with the look of most PoE armors. It's nice when the armor looks functional & protective.
  4. Aha, makes sense! Had no idea it could bounce between two targets like that--only tried it against groups. Thanks Wolken3156 & Boeroer for explaining
  5. Disagree. When it comes to 7th level spells, Wizards definitely got the best deal out of all the classes. Concelhaut's Crushing Doom - Good damage plus it Prones with each hit, make it a great tool for stunlocking a dangerous target. The only downside is that this spell is only available after clearing Cragholdt. Delayed Fireball - Really high burst damage, and probably the best burst spell overall due to its delayed nature. You can set it as a trap for advancing enemies or use it directly on top of them, pair it up with Reflex lowering afflictions and the damage is quite incredible. Also
  6. Oooh, that's a good theory. Maybe it happened from crossing the chasm and I didn't notice it right away. So, does that mean Athletics still has a (hidden) +10% fatigue modifier? Or maybe the script penalizes characters with Athletics below a certain value?
  7. Wizards: Level 1: a lot of these spells are pretty weak. Mirrored Image (2): what is up with these "until hit" single use defense spells? I never use them. Rolling Flame (2): hard to target Level 3: all damage spells are trumped by Kalakoth's Minor Blights. Ironskin (4): it'd be good if it lasted longer. Flame Shield (4): Wizards usually try not to get hit. It's a good effect in builds for other classes. Minoletta's Concussive Missiles (4): I'm not a fan of attacks that are split up into a bunch of separate DR checks. So none of the missile spells are really my cup of tea. U
  8. Druid spells: The only real issue is lots of redundant pure damage spells. Given the choice between pure damage and damage + debuff/CC, I'll take the latter: Level 1 -- tend to prefer Sunbeam over other damage spells. Blind is such a strong debuff. Level 2 -- I tend to save these slots for fighting Beasts. So good. Level 3 -- Returning Storm > all. Level 4 -- Calling the World's Maw is usual choice here. Overwhelming Wave is strong but hard to target. Level 5+ lots of good choices I guess the lesson here is Druid's spells are pretty balanced.
  9. Yeah, a lot of lower level priest spells have very small AoE for some reason. None of the other casters have that problem (including Cipher, Chanter). Speaking of Priest spells. In addition to the ones you mentioned: Barbs of Condemnation (1) - it's a good effect when applied automatically by a weapon, but not worth it for 1 target. Instill Doubt (2) - Interdiction gives a better AoE daze. Not to mention, Wizards get it for free from Arcane Assault. Repulsing Seal (2) - Haven't tested it yet in latest patch, but it was not working in the first patch. On paper the accuracy looks wa
  10. While clearing the Dyrford Ruins dungeon, I noticed my three 0 athletics characters (+1 from fletcher's stay) all got "minor fatigue" at the same time. It was much sooner than I expected, as the party had rested part way through the dungeon. Is this a bug? The tooltip for Athletics doesn't mention anything about "combat fatigue gain" anymore. Maybe that code is still there? I had thought with the new heal, that the old effect of Athletics was gone. If this is intended, it would be good to document it on the tooltip. (I used to always get 3 athletics on everyone, because I hate having t
  11. I was afraid you'd ask that . Disclaimer: I haven't used Dropbox in ages! Hope I did this right: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8ojv29e5p9xdjc/37d5ad5dafee4d51a400aaf99086fe87%2016897089%20TheGrfsRest.savegame?dl=0 If not let me know, I can give it another try. Assuming I found the right save, it should be in The Gref's Rest, max level wizard, date 2016-1-16. You'll get the Spell Mastery pop-up on load. I have a lot of older saves too if it helps.
  12. Yeah I agree about Whisper. It's too strong now and I don't understand why it got buffed (though I'd still recommend against taking it, because I think Puppet's the better overall option now). If anything I would have given Tenuous Grasp the fast-cast speed and left Whisper at Long. Whisper makes some of the tougher low level fights feasible for a party led by a melee focussed cipher. The behaviour of charmed victims when they are the last foe standing seems inconsistent, it cam: Time out naturally End immediately Enemy remains charmed but attacks you anyway (party can't fight back unti
  13. I noticed accuracy was at least +6 too high for all of my party, when loading an old save from patch 2. Just a guess: maybe an old Zealous Focus effect is still stuck on the characters, or something, and stacking with the new one? I recall a paladin aura stacking bug of some sort, but it only affected range, and was fixed in an earlier patch. Maybe that guess is wrong. Everyone's at max level. Zahua's accuracy breakdown, for example, is: +36 Monk (BUG: should be 30, Monk's base accuracy) +6 Weapon Focus: Peasant +39 Level +15 Transcendent Suffering 4 +6 Zealous Focus [Pallegina]
  14. Here's a theory: while in combat, spirit shifted, drag a selection rectangle around your druid and/or whole party. That may be the UI effect. Finish combat before spirit shift ends. Result is a green Hiravias. If I don't drag a selection rectangle, then it doesn't seem to happen. I wasn't able to reproduce this with my higher level PC druid, though, at least in a quick test.
  15. I've noticed this with Hiravias, since the new patch landed. Not sure the exact trigger, it might be related to some buff spell or spirit shift or starting combat in stealth. He ends combat and then is stuck with a green tint. It will go away with a reload or area transition, or swapping out his armor. Only happens with him in particular. Haven't figured out a reliable way to reproduce it yet. (Every software engineer's favorite words in a bug report ). If I can narrow it down I'll report back.
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