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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, and yes it was your posts I was mostly looking at - though another referring to Arcane Assault & the Chanter Aura threw me off.
  2. I've seen some people discussing weapons and whether they are 'superlash'able. But I'm not entirely sure what this is referring to and search isn't saying for sure. I *think* perhaps it's referring to a weapon you can afford to do an elemental and vs. type damage bonus on, but I see references to the Chanter fire lash aura too.
  3. The original post included all 3 Classes, but I realized that since I'm using Durance he isn't very ideal - if I had a Skaen priest that would be another story. . However, your response will help anyone googling this as I was. I'm playing Hiravias as a Spiritshift Druid, though he still does plenty of casting. Generally he wields a Quarterstaff (works well with Peasant focus) from behind Eder and my Chanter and uses Spiritshift as space allows.
  4. This is my first time obtaining this - which should I give it to? They're each story companions (Aloth, Hiravias). I'm leaning towards Aloth for the potential AoE dominate procs from Blast and 1/encounter stun, but it seems like Golden Gaze would be much better for the AoE DR reduction. Alternatively, I'm thinking to put it on Hiravias since refreshing his Spiritshift isn't a bad option as it hits pretty hard and that would free up Aloth for Golden Gaze. I have Durance in my party too and the displaced image on being crit isn't a bad option either, but the other two seem better. Any input would be appreciated
  5. With Driving Flight and Twin Arrows it's a bit higher than 10% No, it'd still be 10% on a PER HIT basis. That wouldn't change. It would change on a "per attack" basis, since prior to those abilities, you'd only have one chance for a hit per attack. (BTW, when I say "per attack", what I mean by "attack" is each time you fire the bow.) But with DF and TA, you are increasing the potential number of hits per attack. Two potential hits from TA alone. And who knows how many from DF. I know how they work . Per hit and per attack are basically the same thing without DF and TA (though the former excludes misses). I was pointing out that they effectively change what would be a 10% proc per attack cycle in to more like a 34% chance.
  6. No need to have the Ranger be the one applying the DoTs. There are more reliable options. A Chanter does a stellar job of it. However, I will say that I do like Persistence and agree you should go for it much earlier.
  7. Is it ACTUALLY good, or is that just Perception? (jokes aside, the other posts summed it up well)
  8. To me Chanter seems like a good option. You can go high resolve, int, perception, and con with little drawback since they can still provide plenty of benefit without high damage or accuracy. The only real bad part is that Chanters really don't scale well with the game. Unless you're playing PoE then you'll rarely get to use their bigger powers. But it's a decent alternative if you don't want to play a Paladin.
  9. My picks for PC main class are: -Chanter is my top pick. --They get a bonus to mechanics and lore and don't otherwise have many actions to perform in combat except for the occasional invocation. This means they can make good use of the extra watcher abilities, scrolls, and summoning figures since other options aren't taking precedence. --Their mostly passive nature also means they aren't hurt too much if you don't have high Might, Dex, or wear heavy armor. This also means you can handily Max Perception, Intellect, and Resolve making them passable off-tanks. --Because you can afford to keep resolve, intellect, and perc high this makes them an ideal for bonus dialogue options. --Kana is kind of annoying to me. Steal his +1 Int Turban. Other considerations: -Rogue/Monk/Barb: There are no companion versions, assuming you want companions for dialogue if you want any of these classes it's best if you play it (or make a custom npc) -Ciphers have a couple of really good level 1&2 skills that Grieving Mother didn't choose. Also, her attributes are rather lame. If you want a decent Cipher and don't want to use mods/console commands to respec Grieving Mother then Cipher PC is a good option (which is sad because she's one of the most interesting companions story-wise).
  10. These abilities are one reason I really like Chanter as a PC. I find Kana slightly annoying and he has the skeleton summon instead of the Phantom (Phantoms sneak attack, stun, deal freeze damage, and are decently tanks). Plus - as a Chanter, I don't have other abilities to contend with, so I keep a decent lore score and use scrolls, summoning figurines, or watcher abilities in tough fights. However, on say a Cipher these wouldn't be near as useful since you'd rather be building focusing or using it.
  11. Easy mode is very forgiving. Choose what sounds fun, worst case scenario make a save file before you level up and go test things out.
  12. I generally drop Combusting Wounds (Foes take bonus fire damage when hurt) on Phantoms/Shades then do Holy Radiance with the extra burn damage on them or drop Chill Fog for the frequent damage ticks (cold, but it triggers Combusting Wounds). Seems to work well, though having a Cipher PC or Custom NPC is a huge help before you get Grieving Mother. But yes - Shades/Phantoms are completely whack and you encounter them in far too much regularity in the early levels - they nearly made me quit my first PoTD run while clearing the courtyard until I remembered that part was rough on Hard too.
  13. Go through your party members abilities and pause often to prep new tactics or use slow-mode (S for slow, D for fast). Set Eder to defensive mode so he can engage more enemies (doesn't help a ton with Shadows since they teleport, but it's a good practice). Also look at Aloth and Durances spells so you know what they can do. Mouse over the Shadows to see their defenses, you'll notice they have a really low DR vs Fire, that makes Durance's staff and Aloth's fan of flames particularly potent.
  14. IE Mod Works fine, just make sure when you respec someone you immediately go level them up, the issues occur when you do various things while having a lvl 0 character in your party. The Mod fixes Sagani's custom pet automatically, but Hiravias will lose his special form. You can get it back using the Add/RemoveTalent commands to replace his form with the special one and the associated 1/rest ability.
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