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  1. Yes I had both challenges on. It’s not terribly complicated. All the prepared food offered in unlimited quantities at vendors spoils in 1 day. There are some ingredients available at inns to make prepared foods that spoil in 14 days. You can buy arrack and grog for example enough for one prepared food roughly once a day. So if you wait at an inn for 24 hours then you can buy another one. Wait five days and you have five prepared foods. Wait ten days and you have 10. But the waiting also impacts the duration the food will last... Just add some prepared foods say at least a stack of 5-10 or ingredients for 5-10 at each inn so we can go about adventuring
  2. I’ve already completed the food spoils challenge. I’m aware of the mechanics. On the other hand the prepared foods is a new challenge so there is no way to know what the number of days prepared foods will last or there availability or ingredient availability. Fact is I can sit in town and spam wait and get enough ingredients and prepared foods to last 10 days it’s just a super boring mechanic and unnecessary when there are infinite quantities of prepared foods that spoil in 1 day. It seems like an oversight to me. Just have a vendor sell the 14 day food in infinite just like the 1 day food. Then this challenge would be fun. I give feedback on god challenges so they can be better and improve the game. Not sure why you think this feedback isn’t valid. Maybe you like challenges to be wonky and unenjoyable...
  3. Whatever I just deleted the save. It’s ohebthing to add actually challenges that are properly thought through and balanced and it’s another thing to just add nonsense challenges
  4. Omg. I like a challenge that’s not the issue.... It’s just simply NOT FUN waiting for vendors to refresh their stock of ingredients and food stuffs to continue the game.
  5. All the vendors sell prepared foods but they spoil in 1 day. Can we add the ingredients for 14 day dishes and or prepared foods for sale that will last 14 days. Kind of sucks not being able to leave nekataka
  6. Yeah so there are like prepares foods and they spoil mostly in 1 day. So kind of pointless to do this challenge with the spoiling food challenge. Really annoying. Like there are a few 14 day ones but they aren’t infinitely purchasable so your stuck with never having close to enough provisions to sail across the sea and accomplish much. Can we please have a vendor stock the 14 day prepared foods and or ingredients
  7. Anyone who has played the beta? What’s the longest lasting prepared food you’ve found? I did the food spoils challenge and most of them are three days or less. Most ingredients are also three days. I’m not sure how I can do the food spoils challenge and the resting restores resources challenge together if everything spoils in three days. I mean I could do it with a party solely specced for that but I’d really not limit myself in that awkward way. Any help?
  8. Ugh but just texted she can’t be revived. Forget it this challenge is not happening for me. Too much rng unless you want to play this on non trial of iron but where is the fun in that
  9. Buy a bunch of withdraw scrolls. Cast withdraw on her at start of combat seems pretty straightforward
  10. I completed the following challenges combo on potd trial of iron No death Fog of war 7m Spoiled food Monster buff I think these are all fine I could not do the broken equipment one because weapons would break mid combat like come on. And the costs were way too high to repair. Cheaper to buy new equipment then repair. I mean you can create a cheesy build to get around this but I’d rather not. The critical path rush is fine but then you can’t do dlc ever on that save which kind of sucks but ok I mean can’t we allow player to continue with dlc after completing critical path please. I see no reason for this restriction I understand maybe some narratives will not make sense but so what. Vela I’m sure I can figure out a way to do it No pause I think that’s a challenge on its own maybe too hard combined with everything else
  11. Can anyone share an achievement file with breaths blessings unlocked I’m planning an all god challenges excepts no pause for next slc. I’ve done potd trial of iron with beasts, food, fog and perms death which was quite difficult!
  12. I just completed a blind potd trial of iron with permadeath, spoiled food, beasts buff and no light and want to up it to all god challenges but no pause For those interests the party I used was Fire priest Heal support herald First fire wizard Cipher/ranger ghost heart (per helped with fog) Swashbuckler trickster lockdown Was quite difficult actually died many times lol... I’ve got quite a few Berath points but since you only get one save and it’s At ukaizo I cant go farm the missing points
  13. Ok so I signed up to provide feedback on this one topic because it’s so important to me
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