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  1. I wrote a mod that re-enables the retargeting in turn-based mode - you can find it here.
  2. You need to start a new game in order to pick the turn-based mode. I think I saw somone modding the turn based mode in an existing game, but I can't find it, and anyways the attributes works differently between the modes.
  3. There is now a dedicated forum for feedback on the Beta version of the Turn-Based combat.
  4. There is currently no way to edit the AI outside of the game. The AI files are stored in a propriety binary file - however, they have published the file format, so if you are up to the challenge you can write your own editor for the AI. All the needed details is in this thread.
  5. If you just want the points, you can use this mod - it won't unlock anything but every unlocked base game Berath achievement gives 999 points. Also, just so you cannot both use Berath's blessings and the challenges at the same time before patch 4.0 drops on the 13th.
  6. They are certainly not going to tell us this week, given that the Thanksgiving holiday started today.
  7. Deadfire has a sale each time there is the slightest occasion for it. There will likely be a Thanksgiving sale, maybe a separate Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, and then a Christmas/New Years sale. Since Thanksgiving is o the 22th, you would only have to wait a bit over a week for a sale. The discount is usually around 30%.
  8. Don't bother - there is a certain strain of people who play RPGs (be they PnP or CRPG) who don't think fantasy settings can contain guns in any shape, way, or form. For a genre literally called "Fantasy", there sure isn't much wriggle room for what should, and shouldn't, be in it.
  9. "The Outer Worlds" seems to suggest some sort of Sci-fi game to me, but who knows - Obsidian, that is who!.
  10. tyranny did miserably (my own guide hits/day confirms this). there was some commentary from a dev somewhere that probably there's not too big of a gaming population that wants a IE-style real-time with pause game. PoE1 got lucky because it was one of the first few out the door, but then there have been lots of games and competitors since then. Fair point, yes. Just out of curiosity, what have been the competitors? I mean, in the fantasy genre I can't really think that there have been "lots", as you say, but I'll be the first to admit that I am not perfectly informed. Well, there is Divinity Original Sin 1 & 2 (2 is still selling like hotcakes the last time I looked), and recently there is Pathfinder: Kingmaker. DOS1&2 seem to be more accessible, liked for their graphics humor, interactivity, supports co-op, and is highly praised for the turn-based combat. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is based on Pathfinder (built-in current fanbase), and is based on a pre-existing, and as far as I can tell, well liked module. While I am saddend by Deadfire doing so poorly, I am especially bothered when people dismiss it out of hand for having exchanged the usual pseudo-European setting for a tropical one with topics such as colonialism as a gimmick - I feel it speaks to a deep conservatism and narrow comfort zone for many RPG players.
  11. I think you are, understandably, conflating several things. A) In the last patch they made it so that the Magran's Fire can now be played on any difficulty, not just PotD B) In the last patch they also fixed a loop hole that enabled us to play with both Magran's Fire and Berath's Blessings - when people commented on this, SChin mentioned that it might be done in the future, but for now they wanted to fix the bug that allowed the circumvention (and that the fix would also make it easier for Obsidian to allow players to have both the Fire's and the Blessings in the future). So I believe that nothing has been confirmed (and from a pedantic POV, it may come in the next major patch, but certainly not in the patch that will come after 3.1 (3.1.1), as its content seems to have been locked down).
  12. You can pre-order it right now on Amazon, so it's certainly coming. Just take the release date with a grain of salt.
  13. Welcome to the community 1. As neotemplar mentioned there is an official TTRPG under development, but it is not finished yet. Besides that, PoE is fairly niche, so its community is not that big, and the part that wants to do role-play outside of the game within that group is even smaller (and we aren't exactly lacking in choice if we want to role-play not-too-untraditional fantasy settings). 2. PoE2 is miles ahead of PoE1 when it comes to modding, but it was never meant to be a platform for mods like Bethesda's games. The maps are not 3d objects, but rather the rendering of elaborate 3d models that has been projected down onto a 2d plane and then given a paint-over - zones and triggers being added, some 3d information being retained in order to add lights etc. In other words it is a hugely time consuming process that requires tools the community does not have access to. Conversations can be edited and added, and I guess the same applies to quests, but besides a few romance mods the incentive to do so seems less than the technical hurdles that have to be scaled. 3. The console versions were scheduled for the Q4 of 2018, but that date was given ages ago, so it is uncertain whether it still holds. I would wager it would be released after all the major paid DLC has been released, properly early in Q1 of 2019, and certainly no later than late Q1.
  14. PoE is still a young series with less than a decade beneath its belt. Sure its setting has some interesting aspects, but settings with interesting aspects are a dime a dozen. Part of the allure of the series is both its setting, the presentation, and the gameplay - making it into an modern MMO would require so many changes that really only the first aspect would be preserved. Furthermore the PoE is a niche game - it may have done fine due to being crowdfunded, not requiring truly massive amounts of resources to make, and targeting its niece heavily, but it is still niche - MMO are unsustainable if they are only niche. For me it seems like MMOs stopped being an amazing growth industry many years ago - or at the very least, they stopped being this exciting new thing that we all talked about. To stand out as an MMO you either need to be an old incumbent (which a PoE MMO cannot be), or make a big splash when entering the market to capture a sustainable slice of the pie - I am having a hard time seeing this happening for a PoE MMO. So it is an incredibly expensive and time consuming multiplayer effort that is going up against well established players in a market that whose adoption rate has slowed significantly by a game studio that is mostly famed for its single player products and has a history for teetering on the edge of bankruptcy way to often. I don't think a PoE MMO would be a good idea. If people want to play in Eora with other people over the internet, I feel that the Tabletop RPG sawyer is cooking up would be a better (and far less risky) proposition.
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