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  1. Thank you, guys. This were quite informative. I guess we won't get big mods, which is such a pity... As for roleplaying. There is tabletop, but I meant less statistics and more story and writing. I do that in many other games that range from STO to ESO, but PoE seems superior... Is there some community Discord, by the way?
  2. Hello. I'm a new user and I looked around the forum, tried the search feature, googled around, and found no answers to my questions... hope I am asking in the right place, if not, I apologise in advance. Here goes. Is there a roleplaying community? PoE world seems almost perfect, almost ideal for a roleplaying community, one to exchange stories in writing and over IM. I was looking for a forum, for a Discord server, found nothing, no trace of it, no such need expressed. Am I alone? Is there a community like that? If not, can we start somehow, is there need out there like I feel? I saw
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