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  1. Having just built a castle on the porch ledge by the hedge, I decided to build a farm next. on that farm I wanted an aphid field. unfortunately aphids are very difficult to transport long range I would love to be able to carry your aphid pet on your shoulder as if he were grass planks so bringing your pet to hard to reach places is easier. even then I ended up getting an aphid up a ramp to my farm and then thought "all I have to do to get him in his field is deposit him in his pet house," so I did. Upon doing so his pathfinding took him back down the ramp, away from the pet house in which he tried to find another way up by where the bombardier beetles near the hedge hang out and the other areas around, where he would often run along the edges of the porch I assume trying to find a way to the pet house. to me there could be 3 different possible problems that cause this, either aphids have a hard time pathing to pet houses above ground level, the aphids are having trouble pathing past construction tape areas, or the aphids are having trouble pathing on clay foundations. If I had to guess all three may have some part as he only went down the ramp once told to go in his house, plus he was just fine pathing on pebblet foundations which I used to build the ramp to get him up but had trouble getting anywhere on the clay foundations I built the farm field out of, and finally he had trouble following me upon reaching the construction tape in which I had to keep him at max interaction distance and lure him past the tape by petting him at max distance having him inch past. once he got past he followed me in to the pen easily. this time I walled him in before putting him in his house and I can confirm he is still staring at the wall between him and the ramp down that he walked down the last time I did this. I can't tell if this is the same for weevils as I haven't tried to bring any up yet but I would imagine so. Please fix the pathing so it is a bit more reliable. I really want to fill may field with aphids and I am afraid to bring anymore up and open up the pen as I fear the others, being the one, will run back down. and as for the troubling task of getting pets to hard to reach places where a lot of people built, it would be nice to just be able to carry you pets for some distance like you do leaf planks only one at a time, maybe it cost stamina to have him on you shoulder although not to much stamina. this would be a convenience thing I would love to have in the future but understand if it doesn't get implemented for update 0.10. other than that I have been having the most fun I've had in grounded since launch, even without the full update yet, and I look forward to all the future updates as I did for all the previous ones we have had this past year.
  2. Upon playing around in creative I feel like I stumbled across something that might be beneficial to speedrunning once grounded actually has some story to speedrun. I noticed that when sprint jumping there was a way to accelerate forward earlier allowing you to cover the typical 2 foundation jump distance without any buffs or items in hand in what I feel is somewhat quicker although I haven't actually tested the timings. This is done by sprinting, pressing jump, and releasing the sprint key upon jumping at the right time. This trick, again I don't have real numbers yet, if you want feel free to test this yourself, but I found that unlike regular sprint jumping having a little landing lag in between the time you land and the time you can next jump, It appears you can straight up cancel that by making sure you are pressing sprint before you land and timing an even more precise sprint release and jump upon landing having essentially no landing lag when doing so. It would be interesting to see the time difference of these two methods, being regular sprint jumping and what ever this is I found, on what it takes to cover and long distance say 100 foundations, which I know is overkill as I know the sandbox is barely 80 foundations long from when I was trying to build something next to it before. I would appreciate it if someone looked into the timing for me as I have not been able to do these tricks consistently due to me fat fingering the key inputs, if someone could get actually numbers it would be much appreciated. If this turns out to be a glitch than developers please do not remove it as I would think it isn't game breaking and adds new ways to play the game for people. and if anyone else has found any other speed techs I would love to hear them. the idea of speedrunning grounded excites me with all the labs, dangerous environments, and secrets such as the rotten armors and tools. there is so much potential.
  3. Upon exploring the spade gulch cave, I came across the Larva cavern and started throwing bombs as you do, I mean how else are you going to kill em Larva. Upon looting bodies I noticed some dead Grubs among the larva, which confused me. I don't know how it happened, but I assume the AOE of the splatBurst I was using killed the grubs running around underground and forced them above once dead. I am not sure if this is intended to happen but in my opinion it is rather cool making the bombs feel that much more dangerous. I don't know if anyone else has had experience with this so I want to get it out there in case this causes a problem with the game which I wouldn't think it would. although I feel even if it is a Glitch on the 0.10 test server it might be cool implemented as a feature maybe to harvest grubs if you are to lazy to dig them up than kill them idk.
  4. Grounded has one of the best survival combat systems I've seen and I play a lot of survival games. The game is well balanced for fighting bigger creatures that hit like trucks as well as swarms of smaller insects between the dual wielding, blocking, parry, and stun effect. I am a big fan of games with complex combat systems with all the deflects, faints, stances, heavy and light attacks, parries, and anything that adds depth to the combat. But I run into trouble when I want to play with my friends who typically are more casual when it comes to gaming, and there is nothing wrong with that. Grounded is the perfect game for a fan of complex combat who wants to play with their casual gaming friends. This is thanks to the easy to learn combat with challenging fights, and if you know some of the depth to combat in grounded it becomes even more fun for people who like challenges. let's talk about what I love and what I would add to what I love: Charged attacks: if you don't know right now in grounded there is a little secret where if you hold your attack button down on mouse you will do a delayed attack that would appear to be stronger although I haven't looked much into that aspect of things. You can do this with practically every tool except the hammer, I have found. This attack is delayed on the opening, as well as lingers out longer making the attack move slower, but now because of attack canceling with blocks you can remove that extra end Lag and retract it quicker with the weapons that need it. It also feels as if the player is putting more power into these attacks with more dramatic animations. I would love to see these attacks implemented further maybe adding extra stun on these attacks as well as maybe balancing with a slower block to cancel recovery. Shields: I love games with shields when Minecraft first received shields, I was one of the few people who popped off. I hear a lot of people complaining how they are too powerful and break the game, which they do, but not as badly as most people think. Shields in history where overpowered. In most one on ones if one person had a shield and the other didn't, you can bet the shield guy was winning. now I don't feel shields should be able to block every attack, most bigger creatures such as spiders, Ladybugs, stinkbugs, and anything bigger than a player should have at least one attack that can pierce shield blocks, but there should be long periods of time in an insects attack chain where a shield can be used without punish. An idea to balance it other than changing bugs could be to make it so an even more perfectly timed release of block does a parry and deals a little stun, this could also be paired with a shield bar in you block bar that depletes the longer you hold it or take attacks. the parry could than replenish some of that bar upon completion. I feel it should take time away from blocking to regain the shield bar over time. shields are great and I want to see more of them in grounded. Blocking: I love the blocking in this game, it is punishable if done to much, most weapons can't block every attack in the back yard, and you have parries. And now with attack Block to cancel added, Blocks are even cooler. being so versatile and easy to understand I don't know why I don't see more people using them. I already touched on charged cancel, but imagine faints. I don't know if this is possible but what if bugs reacted to incoming attacks and you could "faint" an attack to scout what a bug might do. the idea of this is mouth watering to me, and the implications if PVP ever became viable, I can only imagine. I love Grounded's combat, it is thrilling, challenging, and easy to pick up and start smashing bugs for all gamers. dying is a huge part of the system I died a lot when I first played. but once you get the hang of it is really fun and enjoyable. I am always hoping for new foes and new armaments to come to the backyard with each new update, and so far I have loved every single mother loving feature added to the game related to combat and enemies. I would love to hear what your thoughts on Grounded combat is or even Aquatic combat I didn't even touch on how good underwater combat is either and it is most certainly one of my top five games for water based combat. let me know what you love about this wonderful games beautiful combat or maybe what you don't love and would have changed feel free to share.
  5. These are some features I would love to see in Grounded when Electric powered buildings arrive. How it would be unlocked. I would love to see the it implemented through gathering parts from Crazy Ants from a red ant hill. Crazy ants are small ants that are known for being able to conduct Electricity, I think. A common use in modern media was of course Ant-man in which he used them to fry the bad guys servers and disable the security system. What Could be added I would love to see new weapons these could be any thing but my favorite Idea is Crazy Arrows, being special arrows with crazy ant parts that shock enemies upon impact dealing damage and providing massive stun. this could also be useful in combat where if you are overwhelmed you can lead the enemies to a watery area and shoot the floor since most creatures are bigger they should stay shocked longer and having more room for electric current. I would love to see new ways of power generation such as windmills, crank mills, gas engines, and water/gas turbines. I feel like the Gas slash water stuff would be cool if you could build pipe lines from the haze or the pond to transport gas and water, the water could be used to pour on top of the turbine to create movement while the gas could be released underneath and rise up to the top of the turbine. the gas could then be reused in a gas engine to create additional power. batteries are a part of any power network I would love to see batteries that receive charge from the power sources but actually work like batteries where everything plugged into their power must be grounded "Pun intended" back to the battery. with separate wire lines. I would imagine the wires would be treated like the ziplines almost with how they are placed using wall hooks and stands. I would feel a fair cost would be silk rope and some kind of coating maybe nectar. Maybe this is too nerdy but imagine if you could run batteries in series or parallel in order to get either wires that will deal damage when touched at High Amps, allowing for more custom traps, or something that produces more power with machines increasing speeds of production with more Volts. I mouth water at the idea. powered crafting is something I would love to see such as maybe an electric loom to one up the spinning wheel I don't know what else is planned but I am sure it could be adapted. powered building pieces please add elevators, auto-opening doors, and of course Lockable doors using electricity, I really want to trap my friends in a room while I pump Haze gas into the room or flood it with water. I just want to do a Saw Roleplay, Please. Relay boxes please there has to be some way to organize electrical systems imagine being able to turn off power to the west wing of your base while keeping the rest of you base powered just don't tell your friend from the west wing where you put the relays. Air conditioners I imagine with weather coming heat may be too and I would love to be able to cool off with fans and air conditioner coils, which use dew drops you place on them to cool you off. maybe if you place enough you can create a freezer in which you can store meats in the room and they won't spoil. you could do so much more with electricity in grounded That I haven't even thought of I would love to hear your electrical dreams for grounded too comment yours below if you will
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