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Grounded and the potential of Speedrunning, and New Tech?

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Upon playing around in creative I feel like I stumbled across something that might be beneficial to speedrunning once grounded actually has some story to speedrun. I noticed that when sprint jumping there was a way to accelerate forward earlier allowing you to cover the typical 2 foundation jump distance without any buffs or items in hand in what I feel is somewhat quicker although I haven't actually tested the timings. This is done by sprinting, pressing jump, and releasing the sprint key upon jumping at the right time. This trick, again I don't have real numbers yet, if you want feel free to test this yourself, but I found that unlike regular sprint jumping having a little landing lag in between the time you land and the time you can next jump, It appears you can straight up cancel that by making sure you are pressing sprint before you land and timing an even more precise sprint release and jump upon landing having essentially no landing lag when doing so. It would be interesting to see the time difference of these two methods, being regular sprint jumping and what ever this is I found, on what it takes to cover and long distance say 100 foundations, which I know is overkill as I know the sandbox is barely 80 foundations long from when I was trying to build something next to it before. I would appreciate it if someone looked into the timing for me as I have not been able to do these tricks consistently due to me fat fingering the key inputs, if someone could get actually numbers it would be much appreciated.  If this turns out to be a glitch than developers please do not remove it as I would think it isn't game breaking and adds new ways to play the game for people. and if anyone else has found any other speed techs I would love to hear them. the idea of speedrunning grounded excites me with all the labs, dangerous environments, and secrets such as the rotten armors and tools. there is so much potential.  

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