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These are some features I would love to see in Grounded when Electric powered buildings arrive.


How it would be unlocked.

I would love to see the it implemented through gathering parts from Crazy Ants from a red ant hill. Crazy ants are small ants that are known for being able to conduct Electricity, I think.  A common use in modern media was of course Ant-man in which he used them to fry the bad guys servers and disable the security system.

What Could be added

  • I would love to see new weapons these could be any thing but my favorite Idea is Crazy Arrows, being special arrows with crazy ant parts that shock enemies upon impact dealing damage and providing massive stun. this could also be useful in combat where if you are overwhelmed you can lead the enemies to a watery area and shoot the floor since most creatures are bigger they should stay shocked longer and having more room for electric current.
  • I would love to see new ways of power generation such as windmills, crank mills, gas engines, and water/gas turbines. I feel like the Gas slash water stuff would be cool if you could build pipe lines from the haze or the pond to transport gas and water, the water could be used to pour on top of the turbine to create movement while the gas could be released underneath and rise up to the top of the turbine. the gas could then be reused in a gas engine to create additional power.
  • batteries are a part of any power network I would love to see batteries that receive charge from the power sources  but actually work like batteries where everything plugged into their power must be grounded "Pun intended" back to the battery. with separate wire lines.
  • I would imagine the wires would be treated like the ziplines almost with how they are placed using wall hooks and stands. I would feel a fair cost would be silk rope and some kind of coating maybe nectar.
  • Maybe this is too nerdy but imagine if you could run batteries in series or parallel in order to get either wires that will deal damage when touched at High Amps, allowing for more custom traps, or something that produces more power with machines increasing speeds of production with more Volts. I mouth water at the idea.
  • powered crafting is something I would love to see such as maybe an electric loom to one up the spinning wheel I don't know what else is planned but I am sure it could be adapted.
  • powered building pieces please add elevators, auto-opening doors, and of course Lockable doors using electricity, I really want to trap my friends in a room while I pump Haze gas into the room or flood it with water. I just want to do a Saw Roleplay, Please.
  • Relay boxes please there has to be some way to organize electrical systems imagine being able to turn off power to the west wing of your base while keeping the rest of you base powered just don't tell your friend from the west wing where you put the relays.
  • Air conditioners I imagine with weather coming heat may be too and I would love to be able to cool off with fans and air conditioner coils, which use dew drops you place on them to cool you off. maybe if you place enough you can create a freezer in which you can store meats in the room and they won't spoil.
  • you could do so much more with electricity in grounded That I haven't even thought of I would love to hear your electrical dreams for grounded too comment yours below if you will
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