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  1. Just built one it still works quite nicely.
  2. I've been finding them, they just don't drop at the rate they used to and despawn in a few game days.
  3. I find them by the downspout at the house, and occasionally at the western flooded area where I have a base, and sometimes there in the morning. I have noticed on "foggy" nights they don't come out at all.
  4. They reduced the rate I believe. I've found 4.
  5. Since the 0.8.0 update there are feathers in all the places where they fall. If I chop them up and collect the feather piece, it comes back within seconds. If I needed a ton of feathers it wouldn't be so bad, but I don't need them, I already have hundreds of the things. Hope they get it straightened out.
  6. Yes it isn't a bad thing, just annoying. I'll just keep a good stock of quartzite for axe repair in the meantime. Love this game you all are doing a great job!
  7. Since the Koi pond update there is clover growing back in my bases. When I built them I cut down the clover and placed foundations and/or grass floors and everything was fine. Now it's growing back and making it difficult to move inside my bases. I have to constantly cut down the clover and it grows right back the same day.
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