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These are some suggestions for how pets should work. Feel free to use these ideas as you please. I also welcome feed back and other ideas. 

From the start I have had issues with pets disconnecting form there house. I found out it might be because they are not happy. I also had trouble not being able to re-tame them.  What I think would work better is for it to take a long time for an unhappy pet to run away like 2 in game weeks (just and example), Not one day. You should not have to take them with you all the time as a requirement. Though I am fine with it increasing happiness.  You should also get a warning that they are unhappy so you can check on them. Next I feel if they run away they should drop the gear you put on them. Further you should use how happy the pets are to be like a stamina. Or how much they produce.  Example the happier an aphid is will mean it will produce more honeydew.  Next example (hint, hint) The happier a lady bug is the more it can help you attack an enemy. It will have more stamina.  For hunger it will control heath. The fuller a pet is the faster it will heal and with no food it will die and or be unhappy.  Going further The pet should have better sense of the walls you put them in. Farming pets should also be added.  If you put several of the same type of pet together in a pin then more of that animal should appear. Then the news animals can be tamed or harvested.  Also there needs to be a way to move/carry them and help them through doors and gates.  Hopefully some day down the line we can ride them too. :)

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