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So I was wondering why the blossom scythe didn't have a special mutation so, I tried sketching a new mutation I want to call REAPER. So basically it just increases damage by a certain percentage every tier of the mutation. And the mastery bonus would be immunity to damage for 2.5 seconds every 25 kills.



Another thing that would be nice is like an upgraded glider that we could maybe get from crafting it with like pupa leather lint rope and maybe even bug wings things like that.


And another thing is you could add another mutation that increases attack speed which I like to call RAMPAGING but is only obtained by killing enemy creatures in a certain amount of time without the use of any other mutation or explosives.



And now finally I would like to say if you guys could add a new weapon type the sickle that uses the barbarian mutation but is a semi slow one handed weapon that stacks with the mutation RAMPAGING.




- Ninja King 

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