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Found 3 results

  1. #1) Fix the bug where you have the build wheel open, hover over an object to build, press A, and the menu switches to another random tab. Seemingly crashes the menu? I don't know why it happens, but it's frequent enough to really be annoying. #2) Bigger pallets! Building is super fun in Grounded, but the cost of building a grass wall for example, 4 grass planks, is fine but I feel like the current pallets we have to store grass planks to build with are too small, ESPECIALLY if you are loading and then moving the pallet, using the entire pallet of planks to make like 5 walls, then having to pick it back up and run all the way to more resources, sucks. Definitely so if you are building in an area with no resources like elevated up on the oak tree. Soo... bigger pallet choices please! #3) Shields usable while wielding a Staff. All 3 staves are used visibly in ONE HAND. As someone who has a super tough time consistently perfect blocking, I rarely find myself having success using anything without a shield. So I'd like to be able to use some sort of shield with a staff, even if it's a new kind of shield meant just for mages. #4) More armor with different play styles. I mentioned above how I'm pretty much always hiding behind a shield to stay safe. I want to use Ladybug armor, but I am endgame at this point and the tier 2 defence isn't worth it to just have the block bonus. So I would like more tier 3 armor with some of the unique bonuses that previous tier armor had. Like ladybug, then a higher tier version of the red ant set with higher hauling bonus for endgame players. May I suggest ATLEAST a way to artificially raise an armors tier level through further upgrades? I'd get my ladybug set to lvl 15 to get it to tier 3 strength if I have to. #5) More building pieces. I have fallen in love with making interesting builds and base ideas. But I often run into the issue of using a half wall, or half floor, and having an awkward 'Quarter Wall' or 'Quarter Floor' hole to cover up with another full size variant. So I would like VERTICAL half walls and quarter walls/floors. Another thing I wanted were half stairs, which we just got for patch 1.1. Very glad to see that! #6) Bla Bla, I love building. More decorative pieces please. Rugs, different wall materials and FLOORS ESPECIALLY! I always have to use grass because stems are too uncommon around my base and bur floors need lint! (>w<*) Rugs, Table Lamps, Shelves, Functional Windows (Can open and close, or Shutters), a new type of building material that is clear (Maybe crystal or platic) so we can make real windows and Greenhouses. #7) A Tier 3 Bow. We have a tier 3 crossbow, we just need a tier 3 bow. Maybe multiple kinds from some of the other high level creatures in the yard (Perhaps a Widow Bow that adds poison damage to every arrow. And if used with poison or super poison arrows, it stacks damage) #8) An eventual expansion to the yard. Inside the house, in the basement, inside the shed. In the house we could fight bed bugs, scorpions, millipedes, or wasps (if they flew in the open upstairs window and set up a nest or something) in the basement what if there's just a giant deep freezer knocked over and has covered a large majority of the basement in icy frost. Our first COLD biome. #9) And finally, new creatures. Mentioned above, some of the cool creatures I could see in the house and basement. But I would like to see some more variation in the creatures in the different areas of the yard. In terms of docile, or neutral, creatures, Caterpillars, Butterflies, Earth Worms, and Snails/Slugs. Aggressive creatures like the Brown Recluse (in the house, maybe the basement I mentioned), a Camel Spider or Scorpion replacing the wolf spider in the sandbox, a Tarantula, maybe around the hedge, or in someone's room in the house as an escaped pet, Wasps/Hornets, with a fallen nest we can enter, small Frogs! We have all the Tadpoles in the world, where da frogs at?? Ant hill queens.. (It's common knowledge that every ant colony has a queen. I'd like to see a queen ant boss fight for all 3 ant hills currently in the game. Fleas! I hate fleas, but they could certainly be added to Grounded and be a fearsome foe. The scrapped Huntsman Spider idea, and Lizard bossfight (Make it work! That's just more unique content please! Even if they're just bossfights.) Sorry it's so long, I just started playing about a month ago, I'm super passionate about seeing new cool stuff to experience. I've loved my time on the game so far.
  2. So after much deliberation over the course of the weekend, my friends and I (more commonly known as the Cheesebags) love the game to bits so far and have come up with some cool ideas for things we'd love to maybe see in future updates. I will sort the lists into categories for convenience. Possible new Creatures: We decided to ballpark some new ideas for possible future creatures to add to the garden. Due to the wasps in the banner image on the steam page we assume you already intend to add them into the game. So we have left them out of this list, but below we have some of our other suggestions. Bees Mosquitoes Butterflies Moths Dragonflies Caterpillars Centipedes Fleas Earthworms Silverfish Snails Frogs/Tadpoles Utilities: Ladders We reckoned that ladders would be a useful way to ascend a built wall that might take up less floor space than stairs. Zip-Lines These could be a great method of travel between two fixed points, they could work either in a traditional sense and you'd slide from one higher point down to the lower. Or maybe they could work with some kind of pulley system from two points of equal height. Rope Swing For this we figure like in lots of games you could either have a fixed anchor point built and you could jump to grab it and swing back and forth to clear some kind of gap. Or maybe it works on a portable sense somewhat akin to Indies Whip but functionally works the same, maybe with a sticky tip of some kind to attach to surfaces. Elevators/Dumbwaiters These could be excellent for those that built raised bases. Perhaps using some sort of pulley system one might be able to raise/lower a platform with chests on or a grass pallet. This would for sure help for more convenient item hauling in a vertical sense. Rowboats We assume that the pond is going to have more to it, but we figure that a boat of some kind would be fantastic in traversing across the water. They would possibly be made from acorns leaves or lily pads. Rain Catcher This Item is dependent on a weather topic that will follow below. But if rain was ever implemented a receptacle of some kind to catch the rain would be brilliant. Stationary Slingshot Turret This idea came about thinking about a kids slingshot, and maybe moving forward with that in mind maybe there could be some kind of stationary slingshot style item to launch the players over a great distance for easy travel with the gliders. This could be a really high demand recipe as it is a rather strong item to have. Quality of Life: Inventory sorting function This was one of the first things we came to yearn for in game, we fell that the ability to auto sort a storage container, your own backpack & and easier way to merge you personal inventory with that of the contained would be a much welcome addition. Inventory stack increase Due to the limited amount of storage space in the backpack and the containers, we really feel that the stack size of items could be increased to some degree. It feels like 10 is far too low as the inventory in your backpack alone fills up too quick and maybe increasing up to at least 20 would be great. Craft 'X' quantity of item function This comes about due to the fact we feel crafting larger quantities of items takes too long when doing them one at a time. For example, being able to adjust the number of how many woven fibres you want to make based on the amount of planet fibres in your backpack and craft all at once would be a huge time saver. Pallet capacity increase Similar to the inventory stack quantity feeling too low, we feel the same issue extends to the pallets. Considering how many grass planks in particular you need to build larger structures it would be very handy if the amount of planks you can get onto each pallet could be increased to maybe 30. This would prevent having to stop building and gathering planks almost every living second of the game as you burn through them so fast and building. Storage Chest Naming This one isn't nearly as major as the custom markers on the chests a already pretty cool. But maybe being able to add a name to a storage container just to further mark it with a specific kind of item would be neat, Equipped items not taking up an inventory slot So far we feel that we dislike that the tools and certainly the armour take up a backpack slots while equipped. I'm not sure and the best way to go around dealing with this in the game in the cleanest way for the UI. But its definitely a thought we'd like to put out there to discuss with everyone. Ability to move built structures For far it's been a bit of a pain placing a structure or utility item down in the wrong place and having to recycle it (receiving less materials) to move to another spot. Only to then to not have enough materials now and having to stop and go harvest more. Maybe having just the ability to move a completed base piece would be handy but obviously could be avoided currently by being very careful with where you but down blueprints. It would still however be a very handy feature to have. Custom Blueprint Group This one is inspired by other building games, namely Planet Zoo. In this game you have the ability to create a 'group' blueprint based on a structure you've made so that you could save it to a library and the whole blueprint of the structure could be placed in one motion to make it easier to make duplicate structures. This would be a fantastic feature to add as I would like to repeat a few structures we have made within the garden. Filter Specific Trail Markers This one is another minor one, but even though there is already a way to hide the trail markers from the UI. We feel that being able to isolate certain ones, namely the quest ones while keeping all the other ones could be great. Because in our game at least, we know where to go for each of the major landmarks now but still use a lot of our own custom trail markers. But having our own in addition to the quest ones can be quite overwhelming and would like the ability to filter certain ones away. Additional 'Major' Features: Different weather variations This one I'm sure has been brought up by others, but a weather feature with some of the usual classics, rain, drought, snow, overcast, humid could be neat and effect the game play in various ways based on each individual weather. I wont go through all of them as this paragraph would be gigantic but maybe a few examples might be that some of the games creatures might act differently or perhaps the rain might be very dangerous to travel through but would obviously be a plentiful source of water. Season Variations This one is similar to the weather note prior where maybe just some of the games features, game play mechanics and of course visuals might change up to complement the passage through the different seasons throughout the year in the garden. Understandable this one is a giant effort to bring to life but would be awesome on the less. Base Building: Below are just some off the cuff ideas we had for other base building items that could be added to spice things up. Bunk Beds Slime Mold Ceiling Light Flower Petal Roof Pieces Support Pillars/Columns Bug Cage Trap Equipment: This is the same as the above category but for general equipment. Thistle Armour (returns damage back to attacker) Wing suits (possibly made from insect wings wasps/dragonflies etc) At this moment in time these are all the suggestions for game play changes and possible future content that we the Cheesbags have come up with. We hope that future readers of this like some of our ideas and would be open to discussing their opinion on what we have brought up below, or even add their own ideas! And lastly to the team over at Obsidian, we hope this might be useful information to all of those working on the game. Keep up the great work, even in early access we are having a blast and cant wait to see the next content update from you guys. Stay Fresh! - Corey. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just under here I'm going to keep the ideas from everyone in the thread so that in the event of crazy amounts of ideas flooding in we can keep most of the coverage from the topic up near the top for easy reading. I will credit everyone accordingly for their ideas Tamable creatures This is one that I reckon comes up a lot for many players. But I do really like the idea of being able to tame certain insects to maybe just have around player bases in order to defend them from threats. Then also down that same vein even have some mounts to ride around on much like in honey I shrunk the kids. Being able to ride an Ant or a Ladybug would be terribly fun and a great addition to the game.
  3. 02/18/2021 Hello here is a list of improvements that can be made to the game following the Into the Woods update, including creature suggestions. Ive played nothing but this game since the new update, originally playing the first version for a couple of days. Quality of life: 1. building complex bases for a solo player takes weeks, i would ask that grass/weed regrowth should be increased in order to assist those who make bases in areas of dry grass/few weeds & grass. 2. Ability to upgrade armor and tools, the milk molar upgrade for torches helps but slime lanterns in water should be upgraded as well to that upgrade 3. Cactus needes should be able to be used as a thistle alternative. 4. Mega Milk molar to upgrade inventory space 5. Item hold amounts for milk molars increased per level. 6. Vertical climbing for aracnids. 7. Webs a 4 chop instead of 3. 8. All insects effected by cordyceps 9. Spiderling damage increase 10. Reduce hostility on ladybird larvae 11. Once teir 3 is unlocked, increase health of all insects to keep them balanced in relative to new ones termite compared to red ants. 12. Mite damage increase, dust mite dust attack dmg increase. 13. More acorn spawns. 14. Increase food bit given on harvest, or concurrent mutation. Suggestions (creatures): 1.praying mantis 2.spider ants 3. butterfly 4. Moth 5. Dragonfly 6. Water strider 7. Frog/toad(boss) 8. hummingbird(boss) 9. Silverfish 10. DADDY LONG LEGS(harvestmen) 11. Grasshoppers/crickets 12. kadydids 13. ****roaches 14. Flea 15. Flies/horseflies 16. Scorpion 17.lice 18. Walking sticks 19. Centipede 20. Venus fly trap/carniverous plants Suggestions (tools/crafting): 1.Boyant base foundation 2. Small one person raft(navigate water faster) 3. Grapple Rod(fishing rod reel that can added to a crossbow to pull yourself to places or high areas without having to parkour or climb[ravine]) cna use thistle or bug leg as grapple and durability measures by incentory weight. 4. Flash bang- stun insects with bioluminessant powder, pebbets, ect. 5. Unarmed attacks, claws ect 6. Climbing tools with use of bug legs 7. Dodge (mutation) 8. Tame pets capable of combat and faster travel.(ants, ladybug, bees larvae) 9. CAGES 10. Parry mechanic 11. Pail to carry cosmetic water and sand. 12. A way to color walls, floors and lamps. 13. Traps with explosive, posion or gas effects 14. Stack cooked food items 15. Balista for home defense.
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