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Suggestion for Future Updates!

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Loving the game so far.  Having a blast with my friends seeing what kind of chaos we can get into.  So far the craziest thing we've done is lure 3 wolf spiders together and lobbed bombs at em! LOL  I think we died 20 times just trying to get them in the same area and trapping them.

Anyway on to my suggestions:

Items for Transporting Building Materials:

     Wheeled Cart - pulled by the player or in future if we get tames pulled by a tame of some sort (hopefully a rhino beetle or even just the lady bug)

     Zip Line Platform - Since we can't carry items on the zipline anymore (boooo) Build a platform that's attached to a zipline and sent back and forth by players to get materials.

     Small RC Truck / Car - Tiny RC Truck or Car fashioned into a transport for materials.  

World Bosses: - This is a big one as I LOVE this idea.

World bosses would scale depending on the number of players in the world in terms of strength, HP, and abilities.

     Giant Bullfrog




     Ant Lion

     Rhino Beetle (earned tamable upon defeat)

     Salamander (or Skink or some other type of small lizard commonly found in yards)

     Bull Snake or even Garter Snake (both very common in most areas)

     Make the Koi a world boss that you can eventually beat after completing certain parts of the story.

     Squirrel / Chipmunk

     So many possibilities with this one to add bosses that only spawn when certain conditions are met.  (time of day, lure them out with certain items, etc.)

Items / Inventory

     Inventory upgrades - Unlocked slots through level progression, items that increase your inventory, etc.

     Mechanical Items - Pulleys, cranks, levers, etc.  Used to create mechanically run doors, drawbridges, gates, item transport, player transport etc.

     Alchemical Weapons / Items - Created from a station that uses oils from nuts, fluids pulled from insects, pollen, various items around the yard.

 World Events:  Special events that happen periodically or when certain conditions are met.

     Small sound cue / animation that lets the player know kids have ran by the fence and tossed something into the yard.  Animation of this item flying through the air and landing to give a general idea of where it landed. (Go find it!)

     Cat invasion - A cat has wandered into the yard.  Players must dodge the cat and stay hidden.  Finding a catnip plant and using it on the cat allows you to get some item the cat has on it's collar. Or some fur needed for special armor.  Could be a kitten as well instead of full grown cat (Danger combined with cuteness!)  If kitten catches player it does not kill just bats it around and launches the player to a random part of the yard.  Kitten could be wearing a bell you need to retrieve for an item that's used as a distraction for insects.  Item that's used to keep insects out of an area as they think it's the kitten.  

     Gnat Swarm - BOOPS GALORE!  Massive gnat swarm passes through the yard and bounces the players and other insects around like mad.  (would be annoying and yet funny, but there could be like a special gnat in there that players must find and kill for a certain special item / weapon).

     Sprinklers get turned on - Someone has turned on the sprinklers!  Chases all flying insects out of the area for a certain amount of time allowing the players to freely gather without worry for a bit. (Could also be accomplished with rain in the weather system)

     Stink from Above - A flock of pigeons fly over head pooing on various areas of the yard.  Poo is needed for certain alchemical uses.  Poo hits players it makes them sick and must be cured.  This one is kind of gross I'll admit but would be funny to see one of my friends suddenly get splattered with bird poo. LOL

Other various suggestions:

     Increased player count - This one is more personal as I have 1 more friend that we rotate playing time with.  So an increased count to 5 would be amazing.

     Dedicated Server - I know this one is in the works but just want to reaffirm how awesome this would be.

     World Settings - Various settings to customize gameplay to the groups liking (Also already in the plans I believe)

     Clothing Skins - Give the player a bit of customization to the characters.

     Painting - Paint our bases / Items to our liking.



That's it for now.  I've got more rattling around up in the ole noodle but can't seem to find them at the moment.  


Thanks for reading!




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