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  1. I believe dedicated server files are coming at some point in the future.
  2. Hiya! Loving the game so far. Having a blast with my friends seeing what kind of chaos we can get into. So far the craziest thing we've done is lure 3 wolf spiders together and lobbed bombs at em! LOL I think we died 20 times just trying to get them in the same area and trapping them. Anyway on to my suggestions: Items for Transporting Building Materials: Wheeled Cart - pulled by the player or in future if we get tames pulled by a tame of some sort (hopefully a rhino beetle or even just the lady bug) Zip Line Platform - Since we can't carry items on the zi
  3. Since 0.1.1 The Dew Collectors and Mushroom Gardens will not produce. This is on both Xbox and PC Gamepass.
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