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  1. They are looking into dedicated servers to make playing with friends more reliable and having available to selected friends 24/7 even without host online. Hopefully they green light this and implement it soon. Will really help with overall playability.
  2. I believe if you but a plumping directly over were that stalk comes out of the ground it will stop its respond.
  3. I was just looking through the future planning notes and they show that dedicated servers are in the thought process for a future update. I am truly glad to see this as I believe it will make the game far more popular and fun for friends to play together.
  4. They could do it like with the zipline system. You would need to build an anchor point at the top and the bottom.
  5. I am in favor of all of these ideas. I would also like servers that friends can play on 24/7 whether the host is online or not.
  6. This needs to happen, some parts of the map are impossible to build in with out WAY too much time spent!
  7. I have been playing with my buddies alot on a save that I have been running. I always host the game and it works great when we are all on at the same time, but sometimes my buddies want to play when I'm not available. They want to play on my save because a lot of hard work has gone in to it. Would it be possible to add 24/7 squad access to the save/server. Maybe something like that Minecraft does with "realms"? I would pay for it.
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