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Hey guys,

The idea of creating this topic is so that we can give suggestions that are grouped and easy to find. If we have a concentrated topic of information and supporting new ideas, it is easier to mobilize producers to add the ideas

1.     New fruit trees for the backyard:

With the new fruits, it will be possible to extract sugar, peels and food. Thus it will be possible to create bombs, traps and materials to change the colors of the base and model of the backpacks. It will also be possible to create new items of ornaments (furniture, pictures and clothes)

2.    New plants and flowers in the yard

The possibility of adding other types of flowers that can be useful for creating clothes, backpacks, paints and insect traps. In addition to being used in some armor. It would be interesting to have new types of grass and new plants that provide us with stems.

3.     Chance of climate change

The temperature was colder at night. There were rainy and hot periods. Thus, clothes and heating for each climate would be necessary. with rain it is necessary to be able to create new items for displacement and protection in the yard. In addition to strong winds that can topple the base or cause damage.

4.     New insects and animals

Predators that have their own location and times. Be common in hot or rainy weather, day or night.

For example:

Small frogs, common at night, next to the logo and which are more common when it rains. From it we can use leather to make armor, the tongue to make rope or a better bow, gladula to make bombs and arrows and food.

Scorpion, common near stones and woods. Predator of insects such as flies, ****roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, rats and rival of the Spider Wolf and Mantis. We can take his armor bark from him, tweezers to make spears and daggers, legs to make chairs, tables and climbing hooks.

Praying Mantis, strong and aggressive predator. Common on top of plants. In addition to flying for short spaces, he can climb the base and other places.

Two more new types of ant camponotus and Solenopsis richteri. A common ant in trees and wood, ideal for expanding the scenery and another very good for creating new colonies. Sometimes the 03 species of ant in the game war with each other and with other animals in the game. Important candles collect grasses, petals and foods that fall in the garden.

Crickets, great prey for spiders, scorpion and mantis. Also a challenge kills them since they can defend themselves with jumps. From it we can collect the legs, head and meat. With it we can create a new ax, helmet, climbing hook.

Grasshoppers, great prey for predators. Flying and jumping insect like cricket. It is bigger and more aggressive. It is common to see him eating grass and leaves. The base is constantly attacked by him.

****roaches, release an odor that scares your predators (or not). It is aggressive and common around the house and woods.

Night and day butterflies, Constantly flying in the yard. Food for predators. From it we can collect the Wings, legs, head and flesh.

Dragonflies, common in puddles in the backyard. Food for predators. From it we collect wings, legs, head and meat.

Earthworms and centipedes, common underground and present in rotten tree trunks.

Termites, common in woods in the garden. Ants rival. Extremely aggressive

5.     New fish and aquatic animals

New species of large and small fish, possibility to find fish eggs in the lake. The lake becomes more difficult and hostile with frogs, fish and a more lively and aggressive biome.

Water spiders and leech, present in other places in the garden that have water

6.     New species of birds

hummingbird, present in the place of flowers. Aggressive and fast.

sparrow, flying through the yard and making nests. Their eggs, feathers and feces are easily found. Insect predator

7.     New weapons and armor

Possibility of creating new weapons such as ax, ropes, daggers, spear arrows, crossbows, swords, mallets, hammers, bombs and traps.

Creation of armor such as cricket helmets, scorpion armor, fins with parts of fish, ****roach or bedbug perfume, ant perfume.

Harpoon and rope, ideal to be used in the lake for hunting.

8.     New clothes and models of backpacks.

With new flowers and fruit trees, as well as other insects and birds, it will be possible to create clothes for the climate, in addition to just changing the look. Create backpacks with models of insects, fruits and feathers and with different colors.

9.    New items

Extract oil from nuts and petals. Extract sugar from fruits. Parts of new insects. New foods thrown in the garden.

10.     New buildings

Parachutes built from parts of butterflies and other insects.

Hang Gliders, created from the wings of dragonflies and feathers, as well as other parts of insects.

Scaffolding to be used in zip lines. Thus it will be possible to transport resources throughout the yard.

Vertical scaffolding, to automatically climb ridges to the highest part of the building.

Canoes, should be used on rainy days and move around the lake. Useful for hunting fish and other animals in the backyard that lives in the water.

11.     Grounded fixes.

The fish armor, being made of bone and scale, must be the toughest in the game.

Insects and animals must have their exact location in the yard, however it must be common to walk elsewhere. Reason, make nests, own and hunt prey.

Aggressive insects must attack other insects, as well as having their prey eaten. Be common insect fight in the yard.



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These ideas are great. I would also like to add the idea of a sandbox biome in the backyard. I haven’t really thought about it much but I think a cool insect to add in this biome would be the ant lion. Ants are kind of not threatened in the backyard so why not add an ant lion to prey on ants. Maybe we can use their mandibles for a kind of bear trap. 

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On 28/01/2021 at 21:48, RsngerDrew32 said:

Sou a favor de todas essas idéias. Também gostaria de servidores em que amigos possam jogar 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana, esteja o host online ou não. 

yes, I also think this idea is great. The ideal is an online server that can be public or private. Let it be free for you and your friends. let's move this topic. tell your friends.

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1 hour ago, AlfredoSauce said:

Essas ideias são ótimas. Também gostaria de acrescentar a ideia de um bioma de caixa de areia no quintal. Eu realmente não pensei muito sobre isso, mas acho que um inseto legal para adicionar neste bioma seria a formiga-leão. As formigas não são ameaçadas no quintal, então por que não adicionar uma formiga-leão para atacar as formigas. Talvez possamos usar suas mandíbulas como uma espécie de armadilha para ursos. 

yes, excellent idea. there is already a sandbox in the game. This in an area that is under construction. A new type of ant, earthworm, centipede, ****roach or another type of beetle would be great there.

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Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I’d love to see them open up the shed at some point as it’s own biome. Perhaps even with mice or rats as a potential enemy encounter. If they wanted to go even further with this, there could be toys in the shed that need to be repaired before they can be used by the player, such as a toy boat for the pond or a toy plane. This could be a late game upgrade to strive toward. Though perhaps this may be better as a dlc. Also love the sand pit idea that I think someone mentioned earlier :) 

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Love the ideas. Specifically the frogs can imagine chilling on a lilly pad and then a frog jumping on and sending you flying.

Id love to see a tiered/layered armour system with some of the heavier armour sets like the ant/ladybug/acorn/koi being the over armour to the clover/grub/spider under amours like the Fallout 4 armour system.

I'd like to see more tech involved with the weapons too considering all the science labs and robots around. Maybe a chainsaw or the chance to modify weapons to add fire, cryo or shock damage to your weapons/arrows.

Another thing which I think would enhance the combat is the bugs having specific strengths and weaknesses against different damage types. For example bugs with hard shells being immune to arrows but vulnerable to smash damage, spiders losing legs when attacked with chopping weapons.

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Portuguese: Vendo esse tópico hoje, depois de 1 ano. Fico feliz em saber que algumas sugestões foram ouvidas, Não só a minhas, mas também dos milhares de jogadores. Espero ver muitas outras sendo colocadas no jogo. Vamos torcer galera.

Seeing this thread today, after 1 year. I'm glad to hear that some suggestions were heard, not only mine, but also thousands of players. 
I hope to see many more being put into the game. Let's cheer guys.


ideals above:

Termites, common in woods in the garden. Ants rival. Extremely aggressive

new types of ant camponotus

Possibility of creating new weapons such as ax, ropes, daggers, spear arrows, crossbows, swords, mallets, hammers, bombs and traps.

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