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  1. Bugs: On Xbox there seems to be an audio problem where everything sounds distorted. Improvements: Combat - The combat becomes a bit repetitive after a while and I dont think this is fixed by just adding more insect types. I'd like to see insect strengths and weaknesses introduced which forces the player to use different weapon types to overcome the garden. For example, certain insects with hard shells (ladybug/stink bug) immune to arrows/spears and only taking smash damage until significant damage is done as to break/crack the shell when then other weapons can be utilised f
  2. Love the ideas. Specifically the frogs can imagine chilling on a lilly pad and then a frog jumping on and sending you flying. Id love to see a tiered/layered armour system with some of the heavier armour sets like the ant/ladybug/acorn/koi being the over armour to the clover/grub/spider under amours like the Fallout 4 armour system. I'd like to see more tech involved with the weapons too considering all the science labs and robots around. Maybe a chainsaw or the chance to modify weapons to add fire, cryo or shock damage to your weapons/arrows. Another thing which I think would e
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