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  1. I liked the idea. Visit mine and enjoy it so you can move the topic. We need more cool things in the game.
  2. I think the game is too easy. After a while it's easy to play. Today I have no trouble killing any insects. I even miss higher levels and more dangerous insects.
  3. yes, excellent idea. there is already a sandbox in the game. This in an area that is under construction. A new type of ant, earthworm, centipede, ****roach or another type of beetle would be great there.
  4. yes, I also think this idea is great. The ideal is an online server that can be public or private. Let it be free for you and your friends. let's move this topic. tell your friends.
  5. Hey guys, The idea of creating this topic is so that we can give suggestions that are grouped and easy to find. If we have a concentrated topic of information and supporting new ideas, it is easier to mobilize producers to add the ideas 1. New fruit trees for the backyard: With the new fruits, it will be possible to extract sugar, peels and food. Thus it will be possible to create bombs, traps and materials to change the colors of the base and model of the backpacks. It will also be possible to create new items of ornaments (furniture, pictures and clothes) 2. New
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