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Public Test Patch Notes for Update 0.12.0

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New Explorable Environments

Note for the test: The new areas are still in active development. We encourage everyone to build in these areas for feedback and testing purposes, but please keep in mind that the terrain and objects in these areas might shift or move before the official 0.12 release. Please also keep in mind that as we continue to add new items to the game during this testing period, there is always a chance that anything you build in the test may not work as expected when moving from the test to the live build. Thank you!

The first expansion into the upper yard!

  • BBQ Spill
    Get ready for this sizzling hot area as you prepare to journey through the ashy wastelands of the BBQ Spill.
  • Shed Surroundings
    Filled with plenty of items to explore and new creatures to encounter, we know you'll find plenty to do in this exciting new area.
  • Woodpile
    Traverse into the depths of woodpile, but beware, because as you lumber deeper down the halls you will quickly realize you are not alone.

New Bugs

10 New Additional Bugs

  • Termite
  • Soldier Termite
  • Ladybird Larva
  • Ladybird
  • Black Ox Beetle
  • Roly Poly (not sickly)
  • Green Shield Bug
  • Dust Mite
  • Scarab
  • Infected Wolf Spider

New Crafting Content

  • Termite Axe (Tier 3)
  • Black Ox Hammer (Tier 3)
  • Termite Chest Armor
  • Splinter Arrows (Tier 3)
  • New (secret) Weapon
  • New set of base floors (Burr Weed)
  • Two new meals (one available now and one to follow in an update!)

New Features

Resource Survey Stations

Field Stations now have survey stations that can be operated to search for resources in the yard. After flipping the switch in the Hedge Lab, the surveyor system across the yard will become powered. 

  • Surveyors are found at Field Stations.
  • Analyze resources to be able to survey for them.
  • Each survey station activated adds to the survey area across the yard.
  • Place a waypoint on the map where there's a high concentration of a specific resource you want to mark.
  • You can survey for any analyzed material, including insect parts!

Custom Game Options

Custom Game Options are a new way to fully customize your yard experience. If you select the custom game option from the lobby screen, you can adjust settings and make the yard your own:

  • Difficulty
  • All Recipes Unlocked and Free
  • Bugs Spawn
  • Bugs Ignore Players
  • Building Integrity
  • Quests
  • Player Damage
  • Friendly Fire
  • Pet Invincibility
  • Hunger/Thirst Drain
  • Stamina Drain
  • Equipment Durability
  • Food Spoiling
  • Menus Pause Game
  • Backpack Items on Death

Peep.R Mode

Peep Resonance is a SCA.B Executable feature turning your tiny hands into light wave amplifying chambers that bring the distance into focus. Peep off into the far reaches of the yard and drop player waypoint markers. These markers show up on your map and other players' screens for better team peeping and navigation around the yard!

  • Place a waypoint by looking at a spot in the yard and pressing a button.
  • Place a waypoint by opening the map and selecting a location to drop a waypoint.

Building Customization

There's a new menu to a selection of buildings which allows you to customize the look or behavior of the building. 

  • Bounce Webs can be adjusted for angle and power.
  • Firefly Hanging Lantern, Sap Sconce, and Mold Sconce can be turned on and off, and adjusted for strength and color.
  • Armor Dummies can be posed with any of the poses usable in Photo Mode.

Improved Data Page

The Data tab in your SCA.B menu has been improved to better organize and show new information. Items and information will be categorized by where it came from or what it pertains to. You will also have entries and descriptions of all notably locations discovered in the game as well as know how many you are missing from each area. 

Status Effect Display

Status Effects are now displayed with tooltips on the Backpack and Status screens. Active Status Effects will also be displayed on the HUD below the SCA.B display.

Additional Features

  • New Languages
    • Turkish, Thai, Arabic, and Japanese.
  • Craft Many
    • "Craft Many" button in the Crafting menu will allow you to craft 5 of something at a time.
  • Copy Placed Building
    • You can quickly select a building blueprint to start placing down by walking up to an already placed building and hitting the "Copy" interact action. This way, you can quickly copy building blueprints without always needing to open up the building menus.
  • Storage Hot Deposit
    • You can now "Hot Deposit" like items on storage buildings by holding Interact on them. "Hot Deposit" will automatically deposit any items in your inventory that match any items already in the storage container.
  • Achievements
    • Added 8 New Achievements (Note: Achievements on Steam will not be viewable during the Public Test Build period)

Changes / Tuning


  • If players die with a bow equipped, the equipped ammo type will carry over when respawning.
  • You can now rest at any time of the day. You will rest for 8 hours and will not be able to rest again until you have been awake long enough to rest again.


  • Added "Level Camera on Sprint" option.
  • Many UI controls that were not previously rebindable in the options menu now are.


  • Blademaster no longer repairs the durability of swords.
    • Now reduces the stamina cost of the next several attacks when procced.
  • Javelineer no longer slows enemies.
    • Now reduces enemy Damage Resist when procced.


  • Added "Wide Interaction" option, which allows the player to interact with objects without looking directly at them.
  • Several interfaces have had narration support added or improved.
  • Added "Read To Me Speed" option.
  • Various notifications are now narrated when shown.
  • Important narration such as quest notifications will not be interrupted by lower-priority narration.


  • Weapons now deal progressively more damage with each hit in a combo sequence.
    • The first attack of a weapon combo does the least amount of damage
    • Combo finishers deal the most amount of damage
    • Overall DPS of a full combo is the same
    • Specifically, instead of a 3-hit combo doing 100 → 100 → 100, now it'll deal 50 → 100 → 150
  • Hammers now have a 3-hit combo to utilize the above combo system changes.
  • All weapon types have had a damage curve pass to make sure they're in-line with each other.
  • Shields no longer slow down movement when blocking.
  • Reduced the movement penalty for moving backwards.
  • Crow arrows now apply a bleed DoT.

Building Health / Repair Tool

  • The attack input can be held to constantly trigger the repair action repeatedly while holding the repair tool.
  • The repair world icons are now replaced with a red outline around the buildings that need repair.
  • Building structure health values have been increased across the game.


  • You can assign similar tools that are at different upgrade levels / types to different slots on the Hot Pouch. For example, one slot can be a Spicy Pebble Axe while another slot is a Fresh Pebble Axe. Tools of the same upgrade level / type will be grouped to the same slot if you have more than one.
  • Players can now place a temporary waypoint on the Map UI.
  • Dropped item/arrow icons become less visible if the player is in combat to remove HUD clutter while fighting bugs.
  • Selected items in the storage UI will display what level upgrade they have if any.
  • Damage type icons shown when looking at harvestable objects now only show when the object is in range.

Weapon Upgrades

  • Weapons can now be upgraded to +9.
    • +8 and +9 require a new upgrade material.
  • Damage and durability increase per level up has been reduced across the board.
  • Upgraded weapons will now require additional resources to repair.


  • Base doors now properly save and load which direction the door was open.
  • Curved doors now only open in the outward direction.

Building General

  • Updated Smoothie Mixer art.

Building Placement

  • Buildings of the same shape are now grouped in the building radial. The building material can be changed with the "Next Building Material" control (default F key / Y button)
  • Structural buildings are no longer allowed to overlap unbuildable materials (plastic, glass, metal).
  • Large foliage such as grass and rocks will now block placement of certain non-structural buildings.

The Spinning Wheel and Grinder

  • The Spinning Wheel and Grinder UI's have been updated to work similar to the Oven UI to support more features:
    • Pulling items from Nearby Storage works now.
    • You will see a list of all recipes you can do at these buildings even without having said items to process.
    • You can grind any Grass Planks or Weed Logs you are hauling into Plant Fiber.
    • NOTE: To backwards support this with saves prior to 0.12, any items that are finished and not collected or currently being processed in the Spinning Wheel or Grinder will be lost when loading a save prior to 0.12 for the first time.


  • Improved CPU performance for hosts of multiplayer games. Improves framerate for host and experience for connected clients.


  • Grass blades drop planks with only a 20% drop rate when destroyed by explosives.
  • Grass blades break immediately when destroyed by explosives.


  • Slickly Roly Polies no longer drop sickly parts.


  • Using the Dandelion Tuft no longer requires stamina.
  • Crusty Roly Poly armor no longer craftable.
    • A complete crusty set can be found hidden around the yard instead.
  • Antlion armor now considered Medium armor.

Bug Fixes

Major Fixes

  • Creatures will stop clumping into certain areas when players are not around.
  • Arrows shot from the player should no longer occasionally come out delayed.
  • Player voices while wearing the Gas Mask will no longer cause audio corruption.


  • The crafting interface can no longer become unresponsive to keys after pressing enter in the filter box.


  • Pond breakers will now show a red indicator when powered but not yet reset.
  • Some assets that could not have buildings placed on them now can.
  • Building validity checks for very flat or narrow buildings are now more consistent.


  • Roof Squared Corner will no longer change into Roof Corner after placing one.
  • Drying Berry Chunks on the Jerky Rack now credits "Artificer: Berry Leather" quests.
  • When slime molds are harvested, clients will see the correct number of remaining stalks in the cluster.


  • Clients will now see the pet Inventory prompt on their pet after rejoining a game in progress.
  • Pet Memorials will no longer forget the pet's name after being demolished.


  • Fixed ultra-widescreen issues in a handful of UIs.

Bug Fixes - Windows 10 Store Platform:

  • The 'Export Save' option in the save/load menu now shows the correct hotkey

Ominent Practical Technologies


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0.12.0 Public Test - 3537 to 3539 Changes

  • Two handed weapons can no longer be auto equipped on pickup when only holding a shield in your off hand.
  • Aphids on the Roasting Spit are properly positioned on the spit.
  • Weapon Upgrades can be purchased for free in Creative mode or if "All Recipes unlocked and free" is checked in a custom game mode.
  • Smoothies can be purchased for free in Creative mode or if "All Recipes unlocked and free" is checked in a custom game mode.
  • The Cookbook in the Woodpile BURG.L chip now contains recipes.
  • Survey Stations are now unlocked when the associated point of interest is spotted, instead of on interaction.
  • The red highlight around damaged buildings while holding a repair tool works properly now.
  • Spider Web slow status effect has an icon, name, and description for the UI.
  • Points of Interest unlocked no longer display a Key Item acquired notification as well.
  • A particular science pickup near the edge will no longer be in the retaining wall on very old saves.
  • Charcoal Hot Spring shows up in the Data page.
  • PEEP.R Mode no longer has performance issues on all characters besides Max.
  • Termite armor mesh updated.
  • Termite armor has status effects added.
  • Camera positioning for light building customization better frames the light building.
  • Adding audio and particles to Pupa harvesting.
  • Resource Survey stations are automatically added to the map area if you have already discovered the Field Station they are sitting in.
  • Craft Many works properly in Creative mode  or if "All Recipes unlocked and free" is checked in a custom game mode.
  • Termite walk animations have been polished.
  • Various entries on the Data tab have had their inspect model updated.
  • Health tuning pass on various bugs added in 0.12.
  • Proper descriptions have been added to the Termite Axe and Black Ox Hammer.
  • Termite King health and damage resistance has been increased.
  • Morning Star recipe requires normal Roly Poly parts instead of the deprecated sickly Roly Poly parts.
  • Ladybirds should stop wandering into the Under Construction area of the upper yard.
  • Aphids no longer always drop pet memorials.
  • Splinter arrow mesh has been updated.
  • Two handed weapons can no longer be auto equipped on pickup when only holding a shield in your off hand.
  • Aphids on the Roasting Spit are properly positioned on the spit.
  • Weapon Upgrades can be purchased for free in Creative mode or if "All Recipes unlocked and free" is checked in a custom game mode.
  • Smoothies can be purchased for free in Creative mode or if "All Recipes unlocked and free" is checked in a custom game mode.
  • Additional area polish.
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0.12.0 Public Test - 3539 to 3542 Changes

  • Fixed a crash related to flying creatures flying around.
  • Fixed a few issues with Charcoal bag collision.
  • Lighting pass on upper yard interiors.
  • Crusty Roly Poly armor no longer requires sickly parts to repair.
  • Added more raw fiber, sprigs, pebblets, etc. to the upper yard.
  • Green Shield Bug now drops a unique resource needed to craft a new item type.
  • Ladybird Larva are no longer completely immune to spicy damage, just highly resistant.
  • Adjusted Bug Gloop drop rates across the new creatures.
  • Termite King deals more damage and drops unique resource needed for the Termite armor.
  • Termite King visuals have been updated.
  • The red highlight around damaged buildings while holding a repair tool works properly now.
  • Science zipline anchors are no longer can be copied.
  • The Building Integrity custom game option actually enables Building Integrity.
  • Pupa hides no longer fall through the level occasionally when harvesting Pupas.
  • Science Ziplines can no longer be Copied.
  • Changed what background music track plays while near the BBQ Spill.
  • Infected Wolf Spiders properly spawn for games that had already plugged the Haze canister prior to the 0.12 Public Test Build.
  • Adjusted respawn times for various bugs and items in the Upper Yard.
  • Survey Station UI has been updated to show more map.
  • Hot Keys while using the Survey Station work after mouse scrolling the map.
  • Added more loot onto the Shed deck.
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0.12.0 Public Test - 3542 to 3552

  • Fixed a crash related to grid buildings.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using Hot Deposit.
  • Fixed a crash related to creature audio loading.
  • Fixed a crash related to closing the Map.
  • Ladders no longer adopt strange rotations when being added to existing grids.
  • XSX no longer randomly hitches.
  • Termite King pathing improved.
  • Termite King will no longer waits to attack while other smaller termites are around.
  • Termite King walk animations are no longer really fast.
  • Larger bugs should get stuck in the terrain less.
  • Photo models in the Data tab display correctly.
  • Black Ox Beetle rock attack is no longer blocked by grass.
  • BURG.L will no longer offer Chipsleuth quests the player has already completed.
  • Burrowing creatures no longer show their name when the player looks at them.
  • The UI will no longer incorrectly imply that bombs can damage Tier II and III resource nodes.
  • Hedge cutscene works properly for clients.
  • Fixed a few science placements.
  • Building Customization camera placement has been improved in certain scenarios.
  • Beefy smoothies can be crafted in Creative mode or with "All Recipes Unlocked and Free" enabled.

Balance / Changes

  • Coaltana animations have been updated.
  • Charcoal sizzle damage has been increased.
  • Ammo Radial supports paging now that more than 8 arrow types exist.
  • Black Ox Beetle audio adjusted.
  • Ladybird audio adjusted.
  • Additional icons added for items that were using placeholders.
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy armor effects have unique icons.
  • +25-50% durability for all weapons to compensate for higher repair costs.
  • Reduced base repair costs for most Tier 3 tools and weapons.
  • Woah mode now only applies a 25% durability penalty instead of a 50% durability penalty.
  • Globs now cost 20% less shards to craft (1 less for candy, 2 less for quartzite and salt).
  • Scarabs now drop 2-5 twinkling shells instead of 1-2.
  • Slightly reduced height of Bounce Web bounce hitbox.
  • Players can no longer walk on constructed wall pieces.
  • Charcoal sizzle rate has been slowed down.
  • Removed base green thumb chance while growing normal mushrooms in the garden.
  • Pupas hanging from ceilings can now be knocked down, like the berries in the hedge.
  • Pupas hanging from ceilings now properly respawn.
  • Termite Delight meal added to woodpile cookbook.
  • Fall damage no longer affects durability in any way.
  • Survey stations now cleanly cover all playable areas of the backyard once all are discovered.
  • New Jack and Ball art.
  • Updated VFX for Black Ox Beetles and Termites.
  • Additional terrain polish in the upper yard.
  • Additional locations to discover in the upper yard.
  • Additional item icons added.
  • Updates to the Status Effect display the Backpack and Status tabs.
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0.12.0 Public Test - 3552 to 3555

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when opening the Map in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when quitting the game or loading a save while in the Yard.
  • Infected wolf spider added to upper yard.
  • Bounce Web will no longer rotate with the player during placement.
  • Non-triangular walls are now walkable again.
  • The Oven, Spinning Wheel, and Grinder show an icon over them when there are finished items ready to collect.
  • The Oven, Spinning Wheel, and Grinder have a quick "Take All" action you can do by holding Interact without needing to open the UI.
  • Pupas that have been knocked down will despawn after enough game time has passed.
  • Dust mites no longer spawn under the floor mat.
  • Photo models in the Data page in the Places category are no longer blurry.
  • Field Stations now have a radar dish on them because they can scan for resources.
  • Coaltana emits light.
  • Updated VFX on Roly Polys attacks.
  • Splinter world item added.
  • Sconce lights will reapply any custom lighting changes that were set after loading a save game.


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0.12.0 Public Test - 3555 to 3561

  • "Next Material" action only shows up in the Building radial and not the others.
  • Survey data on the Map after loading a save is no longer incorrect.
  • Survey visibility on the map for clients toggles on and off correctly.
  • Arrows properly embed into hanging pupas that fall down when shot.
  • Fixed some client issues when toggling various items on the map.
  • UI art pass on the Building Radial material pips.
  • Additional terrain polish.
  • Doors behave correctly for clients.
  • Customized lights actually apply custom lighting changes after loading a save.
  • Haze Field Station has it's own Data tab entry.
  • Pressing LT no longer closes the Ammo radial (which is previous page when you have more than 8 arrow types)
  • Crash fix that could happen when removing a PEEP.R marker
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