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  1. Yeh I like the bird feathers too @Zova Dunno how people might feel about killing them for feathers and consumables as its slightly an act of heavy guilt than killing insects is. But maybe if can be that you can find the feather around the garden or in its nest. And maybe the bird itself might be a huge in game threat that has to be avoided at any cost because it cant be defeated. and kinda patrols the garden like a garden boss taking out insects at random. Thoughts?
  2. @LokiPi It's deffo a great plan, I will add everyone's ideas to the list and make sure everyone is properly credited. Just building D&D terrain right now but will get onto it shortly. Tamable creatures This is one that I reckon comes up a lot for many players. But I do really like the idea of being able to tame certain insects to maybe just have around player bases in order to defend them from threats. Then also down that same vein even have some mounts to ride around on much like in honey I shrunk the kids. Being able to ride an Ant or a Ladybug would be terribly fun and a
  3. Hell yeh AndJrew76! a compass either as an item or in the UI would be super handy! And a big heckin yes on the tiered threat warning, I feel the exact same way about the battle music and fleeing for my life to only realise it was mites xD Also yeh Bricksanity the player markers would be great. I think when you are looking towards a player the marker is already there, but I think it could do with an arrow rotating down to the bottom of the screen whenever you have your back to a another player which indicates which direction they are in. Maybe even lowing in opacity the further away fro
  4. Totally man! It definitely makes sense to fashion it using insect wings. The glider slot in the inventory makes me think that there will be more options to come other than the dandelion. Here's hoping we get some other cool options.
  5. So after much deliberation over the course of the weekend, my friends and I (more commonly known as the Cheesebags) love the game to bits so far and have come up with some cool ideas for things we'd love to maybe see in future updates. I will sort the lists into categories for convenience. Possible new Creatures: We decided to ballpark some new ideas for possible future creatures to add to the garden. Due to the wasps in the banner image on the steam page we assume you already intend to add them into the game. So we have left them out of this list, but below we have some
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