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  1. im sorry about your base, it is unfortunate. id say at least it wasnt wiped out, really what i see is some foundation stuff to go add. if you ever feel like trying id be down to help you!
  2. I am looking for people on xbox who play often to settle in my town. In Kattegat we have many wonderful amenities, such as the armory, food storage for the winter months, a lovely pondside view, or even an arena to test your mettle. There are several wonderful homes available now as well as many spacious plots to build your own. I would like to see Kattegat grow and flourish as the game grows around it, building a community that is active so there is always someone to play with. PVP, PVE stuff. Id like to do a raid event with 2 duo teams soon. share this with buddies and lmk if you are interes
  3. also the way orb weavers shoot the web balls, i think it'd be cool to be able to craft those to throw at and trap bugs. would make solo vs wolf spiders and such less of a pain with melee
  4. I have been playing on XB game pass pretty much since it came on there. A lot of my friends lost interest but I love this game. It has become one of my favorite in quite a few years. I also love the end credits, I think a LOT more people should go and watch them for the song alone. All in all kudos to the whole team. Everything so far is great and I can't wait to see you all knock out some of the things you are planning. On release it's gonna be even more of a banger. So I thought I'd toss a few ideas of things I'd like, maybe that could benefit the game and even your pockets! Also I
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