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I have been playing on XB game pass pretty much since it came on there. A lot of my friends lost interest but I love this game.

It has become one of my favorite in quite a few years. I also love the end credits, I think a LOT more people should go and watch them for the song alone. All in all kudos to the whole team. Everything so far is great and I can't wait to see you all knock out some of the things you are planning. On release it's gonna be even more of a banger. So I thought I'd toss a few ideas of things I'd like, maybe that could benefit the game and even your pockets!

Also I rock Willow and the bone trident/ Javelineer  lvl3

-New kids for storymode/ sandbox
-Create a kid (can even pick from same voices, just cut out hoops, max, willow, and pete names)
-Clothing options (id like an 80s hair metal outfit with a walkman)
-a SCA.B radio (long builds get quiet with just game music)
-NPC kids/ other shrunken folk and small farms and such
-paint for armor (make with proper plants)
-More trail marker Icons
-8 to 16 player servers
-Battle Royal mode where a lawnmower cuts away map zone
-crossbows, sprig blunderbuss, koi scale shovel, blowdart gun, bolos (to help with pesky spiders and b beetle bois)
ladybug shield, koi shield (you know I'm right) , throwing knives, sprig shuriken, throwing hatchets, slingshot, and after the whole thing is done and powered buildings are up laser guns. Think ARK, we get big servers once the whole backyard is complete and tames, lots of weapons, and player customization? You guys could be RUST or ARK. 

Just some ideas, I know it's a smaller team and you guys and gals probably work very hard to keep stuff going for us to play. I for one sincerely appreciate the effort. I cannot wait to see where this game goes and hopefully in a year or two this game will be HUGE.
I also hope none of your homes or loved ones were affected by the fires last year.

(Xbox Lt Red Ranger) (Twitch UragtheTriumphant)

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