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Portraits problem



This is clearly a minor bug but should be fixed to allow to export the character into expansions and potentially other installments of the brand.


Actually, to add a custom portrait you've to copy the file in "\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player\" either the male of female subdirectory.


I had a "serious" game in progress the will be my "to export" savegame in case there will be the option.

My first playthrough was nice but something didn't go as I expected.


Now in the middle of this second playthrough I choose to uninstall the game and re-download from Galaxy Client.

The reason was the auto-update features that lack in the classic GoG Downloader.


So, now if I launch my previous saved game I got a huge question mark instead of my PC custom portrait. I tought that copying over the same file would solve the problem but either I can't remember the filename (I tried several that could have been it but without success) or the path to the potrait is in absolute form.

Trying another name fixed the problem, so at least the path to filename isn't absolute but relative.



  • Question: Is there a way to find and eventually change the path to the portrait? Or any other way to fix this problem?
  • Doubt: if it's planned to have an expansion and/or eventually a second chapter, shouldn't be better to have a "customPortrait" inside the savegame folder?



Thanks for your time reading this and sorry for any errors, not my first language and really tired atm :)

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