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  1. The order was for the hero edition, but the digital pack includes soundtrack, etc. do you guys know where do I get the extras from?
  2. There's no way they'll make it to 3,5 million in 5 days. But if they advertise enough that people can keep donating on paypal after the kickstarter is over they might make it in another month or so.
  3. Hyperbole, but generally that's what you'd get out of the "romance", some NPC stroking your ego as a player. True, and they're simply badly done fanservice. Which is why we hope whatever Obsidian chooses do is something better than that.
  4. Well people that actively want it being the majority of fans of this project is just sad and weird to me. I suspect most don't care either way if you can get some NPC to shower your avatar with love or whatever. I doubt most of the people asking for romances just want to be showered with love. Personally I'd like to see them use their freedom to tackle romances with mature issues involved instead of just a path to a happy ending. For exemple if there was a love interest that would cheat on the pc, you could forgive or break up, but they would keep doing it; this way the only happy endind would be to walk away from the romance entirely. That's the kind of thing that sounds interesting to me, see what my choices say about me in the end, something beyond "would you like to have sex with an elf?".
  5. Everyone's talking about how bad romances were in other games but that's not a reason not to do it, that's a reason to do it better. And if there's someone who could do it, it's Obsidian in this project with the freedom they'll have to tackle mature themes. Seems to me like an oportunity to elevate the subject that shouldn't be squandered.
  6. These portraits are very beautiful, but are not representative of what will be in the game, it's just an outside artist's work and the thread was about bringing him into the project. It would certainly be interesting to have it in the game, but I was talking about the case of small portraits if it's what they end up using. About their writing, I'm not doubting how good they will be, but sometimes in the older games (like Fallout) during regular conversations the world would freeze; you'd get that picture of your character standing in front of another and no one would move or do anything until the dialogue ended, when they might pull a gun on you or whatever. The dialogue seemed divorced of the world around it until it was over, my intention with the portraits to show reactions mid-dialogue was to try and make it seem like things keep moving during the dialogue. Thinking about it now, that'd be accomplished better without portraits but with the actual characters moving on screen, but it'd probably be much harder to do.
  7. I really wish the portrait of the npc you were talking to appeared next to the dialogue, but more than that, I wish there were more than one portrait; different ones according to npc disposition: one sad, one happy, one angry, etc. The idea for this came from Fallout, I loved the talking heads on that game and getting that feeling of "****! The dude's pissed!" before he even said anything. On the other hand regular npcs didn't have much to differentiate themselves. Limited resources, i know, which is why I think static portraits might be an affordable alternative. Of course I don't expect this for every npc, I sure rather have no portraits for random npcs if it might get me more portraits for companions. What is your stance on portraits, not only this, but in general?
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