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    Having this game work without horrid lag would be nice.
  1. Same boat, made a post of this before I realised this post existed. Dunno if it helps but here's the specs for my laptop: Steam Version Intel i7-3630QM @ 2.40Ghz Nvidia GTX 675MX 16 GB of RAM Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Graphics driver version: 347.88
  2. So I started up the game with happiness in mind and ran into a snag in character creation. It took 20 seconds to load the portrait. It wasn't just one portrait, cycling through ANY portrait was met with a 20 second lag between every click. Eventually I picked a picture and figured it'd be no problem once character creation was done except this problem followed me into the game. Dialogue takes about 3-5 seconds to start in every little thing, every little input, character select, even movement is met with awkward pauses and dialogue confirmation seconds later and opening up the inventory takes 20+ SECONDS TO LOAD! Someone help! I'm dying here, my excitement for the game has suffered in the last 4 hours.
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