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    Having this game work without horrid lag would be nice.
  1. Same boat, made a post of this before I realised this post existed. Dunno if it helps but here's the specs for my laptop: Steam Version Intel i7-3630QM @ 2.40Ghz Nvidia GTX 675MX 16 GB of RAM Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Graphics driver version: 347.88
  2. So I started up the game with happiness in mind and ran into a snag in character creation. It took 20 seconds to load the portrait. It wasn't just one portrait, cycling through ANY portrait was met with a 20 second lag between every click. Eventually I picked a picture and figured it'd be no problem once character creation was done except this problem followed me into the game. Dialogue takes about 3-5 seconds to start in every little thing, every little input, character select, even movement is met with awkward pauses and dialogue confirmation seconds later and opening up the inventory takes
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