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  1. - Soundtrack on CD - printed novella by Chris Avellone - portrait art by Justin Sweet and Vance Kovacs
  2. Here's some more amazing artwork for BG3, I hope for the same level of quality for this project! https://plus.google.com/photos/115072684633278055739/albums/5020716254452284785?banner=pwa
  3. hehe, yep! I really hope that Obsidian will get these guys on the project.
  4. Another vote for here. Jeremy Soule did an amazing job on Icewind Dale, but that's about it. Another great composer, but harder to get on the project is of Diablo & Torchlight fame.
  5. It would be amazing if you could bring back these two awesome artists to do the character portraits and other graphics: Justin Sweet Vance Kovacs They did a fantastic job on the previous Black Isle games and their art contributed A LOT to the general mood and immersion of the setting. Eventually you can create a stretch goal to get these two guys involved in the project. Thank you! some examples of their artwork: Vance Kovacs: Justin Sweet:
  6. I think another Planescape or Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale won't be possible but I would expect something new, but in the spirit of those games, old school isometric story-driven RPG! Please make this happen, I'm willing to donate an obscene amount of money
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