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  1. I'm down with this. MotB was absolutely brilliant. While I was never really interested in the DS universe, I have to credit George for his work on DS3. I actually found myself invested in DS3's world and eager to read up on the lore. Bring him in, Obsidian!
  2. Who would you like to see compose the music for Eternity? I'd personally love to see Mark Morgan on board.
  3. Sort of off-topic, but Jason Fader is doing an AMA on Reddit right now. Ask him about NV's DLC, his new indie game, etc.
  4. I'm a little mixed on Season 2. There were some spectacular bits throughout the season e.g. the Dragonstone trio of Stannis/Melisandre/Davos, Tyrion, and Theon. On the other hand, some character arcs like Jon, Dany, and Robb felt needlessly drawn out.
  5. Kotaku: Everything You Should Know About The Vulgar, Wonderful South Park RPG I have to admit, seeing the trailer and reading all these previews makes me a little excited about the game.
  6. Theon's letter to Robb was heartbreaking (I know it wasn't in the books). I'm liking the changes the TV show has done with Theon. Makes him more sympathetic than his book version imo. This episode was much better than the previous two.
  7. Man, Chris is going all out. I really like this answer.
  8. My worst fears have been confirmed. Wherever you land, I hope we'll get to see another great rpg from you.
  9. Long post time. I agree with you 100% that this show needs more episodes to flesh out the story. I started the series ~10 years ago (been a loyal fan ever since) and I feel that the show is going way too fast. Unfortunately, I've read interviews with the writers and in order to air the show on a yearly basis, they can at most do 10 episodes. Disappointing. Stannis is one of my top five characters in the series and I do have some reservations with how he's been portrayed so far. I'm willing to give Stephen Dillane the benefit of the doubt (he was incredible as Thomas Jefferson in John Adams). Plus, the scene where he's dictating the letter was pretty well done imo. Agreed. I think it's one of those inevitable transitions from book to TV. GRRM certainly implied Melisandre/Stannis as well as Renly/Loras but it was never shown outright. Whereas GRRM could subtly hint at it, the TV show is very blunt and heavy-handed. I mentioned this in an earlier post but yeah...she needs to go. I get that they're using her character in place of all the other prostitutes in the book. My beef is that she's an annoying character that's getting too much screentime, time that could have been better spent fleshing out the more major characters. They're splitting it up into 2 seasons. Now, where they'll end Season 3 is the question...
  10. Not unexpected but I'm very happy that we're getting another season. Now I wonder if they'll end S3 with the key event (book readers know what I'm talking about) or will they shift that to S4.
  11. I loved his work in MotB (probably my favorite Obsidian game, tbh) and DS3. Gotta say that I didn't have much interest in DS but his lore entries actually made me want to learn more about the DS universe. If he's not with Obsidian anymore...so sad to see him go.
  12. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO *sigh* I hope he lands okay.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/Ranger.HQ Looks like Brian and Chris are doing an AMA on Reddit this Friday.
  14. So...last night's episode. Wasn't a big fan, to be honest. As a fan of the books, I'm kind of boggled by some of the changes. Also, a little too many pointless sex scenes. Stannis/Melisandre I can understand as well as Theon's. Was the brothel scene (don't want to go into detail here) really all that necessary? A few minor thoughts: -Ros needs to go. Now. I don't understand why she's even in the show, to be honest. -Can't believe they changed Asha's name to Yara just because it sounds too similar to Osha. While she looks nothing like how I pictured Asha, the actress has knocked it out of the park. She's captured Asha's swagger and confidence really well. -The scenes with Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Lommy were a lot of fun. -Can't believe they killed off Rakharo even though he's still alive by ADWD. -Did they make Davos into an atheist? Because that's the impression I'm getting. -I'm okay with making Bronn captain of the goldcloaks. /rant over
  15. All right, thanks for the suggestions everyone. I had a blast with DS3 (really love the combat mechanics) so I'll definitely grab the DLC.
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