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  1. Haven't tried on 1.04 yet, but I don't see any mention of this in the patch notes. Again.
  2. You are still on about there being text to read in a videogame about text to read. When are you going to move on?
  3. That's quite alright. I don't like milk, for instance. Good, non human milk is bad for your health anyway.
  4. Meh, having all those kind of ammunition gets annoying. Though with an unlimited stash it could be bearable.
  5. This damn stacking bug can literally snake in every nook and cranny of the stats!
  6. Agree. Some utility arrows disguised as abilities would be cool. Like fire arrows, poison arrows, **** like that. I want to feel like Hawkeye.
  7. Looks like you are too badass to even know how to conjugate should properly. Reading a bit more would serve you better than listening
  8. The game with colorcoded dialogue wheel is this way -> http://forum.bioware.com/forum/39-dragon-age-ii/
  9. Voiced maincharacters are that way -> http://forum.bioware.com/forum/70-dragon-age-inquisition/
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