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  1. As a regular Obsidian backer/buyer (got PoE 1&2, Tyranny and all expansions) I'm very worried by that news. Worried on the future content of the game, Obsidian was doing games for a specific audience, pursuing a creative vision over mass market, and I fear that'll definitely change, and the games will become much more "consolish", much more mass-market, much more driven on action and much less on story, characters, world-building and reactivity. And worried that the games will become DRM-locked, Xbox/Windows only, meaning an end of an era for all of us who love our games DRM-Free a
  2. You don't need to actually find him in the stronghold, just press "P" while you're in it (or exit the stronghold) and you should be given the party management screen, in which you can (at least in theory...) take back Durance, even if you've no idea where he is. If that doesn't work, I guess you should contact Obsidian support with a savegame.
  3. This whole thing seems really silly to me... teenagers will be harmed/shocked because a character say the f-word, but speaking of human sacrifices, genocides, ... is all fine ? You can kill, help with human sacrifices, torture, ... and that's fine for teenagers, but oh no sometimes says the f-word it's not ? People seem to have really twisted priorities in what is appropriate and what is not. If a child is too young to see the f-word, he's too young to be offered the option to torture or sacrifice people. If he can deal with the mature and morally amibguous content that is in Pillars, he c
  4. My main issue with combat not being clear enough is not seeing easily which character of the party is which one on the battlefield. I could see two ways to improve that : 1. Colored circles, like in the EE version of IE games, each party member having his own color. 2. Much more visible highlight of the currently selected character.
  5. I would definitely suggest playing BG1 before BG2, BG2 is the continuation of the story/characters of BG1, it's really a loss to not have played BG1 when playing BG2. And I actually prefer BG1 myself, even if BG2 is great too. I would suggest playing the EE if you're new to the genre, so you don't have to fiddle with patches for widescreen and the like, but original + patch is also fine. As for Pillars or BG first... I can't really say, I played BG I was a teenager, I wasn't in the same emotional state than now. My "gut feelings" is that the BG is superior (but Pillars is still gre
  6. I hope scifi because there are nearly no good scifi RPG (my secret dream is of a RPG in Asimov' Foundation/Robot universe, but I doubt that will ever happen), but I would all fine with "more pillars".
  7. Hello, There is something which I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's intended. I've a sword with a maximal enchantement level of 12 (most items seem to have 12), which is currently at 10, including 2 of quality "fine". Shouldn't I be able to upgrade its quality to "exceptional" ? Exceptional replaces fine, so it would be 12 (+4 -2) at the end. But it says I've reached the limit. It seems weird to me that you can, like, take a sword with a few effects giving it +6 enchantement level, and then you do : 1. fine 2. exceptional 3. burning lash or 1. burning lash 2. exceptional, and in both
  8. Three other useful features : 1. Pathfinding should try to avoid traps that were detected. 2. The currently selected character should be more strongly highlighted during battle, something it's hard to recognize which one is selected on the battlefield. 3. When casting a spell (or using a ranged ability) it would be useful to have some visual feedback on where the character would have to move. Like I select a wizard, try to cast "fireball", when I hover the mouse to select the center, the AoE is highlithed, but I don't know if my wizard will have to move to cast nor where, it would
  9. Hi ! Great game so far, a few little UI-related suggestions that would make it even better : 1. Add some auto-sort options for the stash. 2. Display the "proficiency type" of the weapon (knight, soldier, ruffian, ...) on the weapon detail, if possible colored in green if the currently selected character has the proficiency. 3. On the details of an "ingredient", display the list of currently known potions/scrolls/enchantements this ingredient is used in. 4. Make resting in the stronghold easier, without having to enter Brighthollow, climb upstairs, and then back downstairs a
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