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  1. Can we get an update on this? … It is depressing not being able to play the game.
  2. Since I am unable to play (due to NVidia freeze bug) a game I help fund, I do not think I will be looking at the next adventure… Sorry.
  3. Is the NVIDIA card bug finally fixed with this? It would be nice to actually play the game I funded…
  4. Urgh, still not fixed? Well, that was a pointless waste of money backing the game. /sigh
  5. Thanks for letting us know. If you want, PM me and I am happy to test / send more info / whatnot on my system.
  6. > FPS degradation over time that was introduced in v2.0.1 no longer occurs. Is this part of the bug that affect NVidia cards?
  7. I like ciphers but I am unsure if I want to play a pure one or multi-class one. I was thinking of a pure cipher with twin guns using the guns as a way to build focus. Any suggestions?
  8. I, for one, do not mind. I would rather Obsidian took their time rather than release something shoddy.
  9. Quiet possibly… I would be happy with a "here is a zip file of portraits" as long as whoever does it do check that the images are okay to use. That's the main reason for a PR (pull request).
  10. Yes, there is. The point of this is to have something you can download and install instead of trawling through 99 pages of forum posts.
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