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  1. Btw installing the game to an SSD will help improve stutter by a huge margin abd also remember to turn off Telemetry ( uncheck the box ) under Options too.
  2. After much trial and tests i've finally stabilize my framerate and massively toned down the unity engine stutters. I've read so many complaints in this forum and steam regarding the horrendous framerate and also stutters i've decided to share my tweak and hopefully yours will work as smooth as mine. No guarantees. Here if you have a powerful card you'll want to limit your frame to 60 or if you have a budget card i suggest 30 via Rivatuner. Here's the step by step. 1. Go to your Nvidia control panel, under manage 3D, choose POE 2. 2. Look for AA: FXAA and turn it on. ( You can leav
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