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  1. I noticed that none of the default ones match the two new male Moon Godlike heads so I did some Photo manip on some existing portraits MOD LINK
  2. How hovering certain terms in the dialogue explains what it means. I wish it was a thing in the first game I kept having to look up terms.
  3. I love her voice though but I guess maybe there should be an option to turn it off like Divinity Age of Sin 2, I'm SO glad there was that option in DA2 since the narrator's voice kept making me sleepy since it's some kinda slow talking old man lol
  4. Hello, Made a not-super lore friendly mod that makes the companions' portrait more vibrant/ conventionally attractive/ weaboo/ anime Changes Pallegina's and Eder's portraits back to their POE1's w/ Pallegina's slightly more snazzy and comes with my crappy attempt at making watercolor portraits I'm only 30 minutes in to the game so I have no idea who most of these people are still lmao LINK TO MOD
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