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  1. Anyone think they could run the Vax portraits through a filter so he comes across as a Pale Elf rather than Wood Elf?
  2. For the Active and Passive skills, does anyone know if they have a solid cap on them? I know in Pillars 1 you could effectively level them to your hearts content but eventually you'd hit a soft cap with diminishing returns. Since the cap is 20 we ought to have about 19 points each for investment into Active and Passive skills, or am I mistaken?
  3. Got this finished recently, I'll post it here and on the Seow thread for all to use. Many thanks to Aramintai for posting their method. It's much more accessible and possible for people with limited access to art skills and programs.
  4. I'm working on an update for Jason Seows unimplemented PoE 1 portraits, and I've gone through this thread and its predecessor for all the ones that have already been made. I'm lacking watercolors for these following portraits. On a personal note, I'd really like the Death Godlike to get the watercolor treatment. I desperately need it for my Wizard.
  5. Jason Seow was one of the portrait artists for Pillars 1, and he made a number of additional character portraits that weren't officially included in the game. They're available for download here http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits/ , and I'd like to update them with watercolor counterparts so they can be properly used in Pillars 2. I've sifted through both of the other Portrait threads and gathered what ones have already been made. I'll maintain a list of what ones lack watercolor iterations so they can be downloaded piecemeal until people with the means and talent put the others together. Once they're all complete I'll make a cohesive .zip with the full color portraits for people to use. In the mean time, here's the list. COMPLETE Eothasian Paladin Female Death Godlike Female Moon Godlike Female Ocean Human Female Wild Orlan Male Savannah Human Male Coastal Aumaua Lord Sawyer Male Death Godlike INCOMPLETE Frog-Helm Knight Male Ocean Human Female Savannah Human Male Grove Human 01 Male Grove Human 02 Update #1. Lord Sawyer completed courtesy of illathid. Update #2. Male Death Godlike completed courtesy of myself.
  6. It was jarring to find out that you aren't offered a chance to craft a past when starting a New Game. I had to quit out to the Main Menu on my first go so I could put an appropriate one together.
  7. They put those up on the Portal? Cool. I wondered what that vague DLC listing would end up being, most likely a second White March. I'm surprised they're choosing to have 3 individual releases, though.
  8. The new UI is gonna take some getting used too. It's better but you really need to put some effort in to being able to properly navigate it. Took me a good few minutes before I rediscovered the Party Reputation page.
  9. I had no idea Jason Seow was actually contracted for game work. I always thought he was just an artist doing hobby work. I’ll go through these two threads to get all the watercolor portraits done of his unimplemented designs together. I’ll put them together into a .zip for folk and see what ones still need the watercolor treatment.
  10. There was an artist who made a great set of portraits specifically for PoE 1. https://jasonseow.deviantart.com/art/Pillars-of-Eternity-Portraits-534985657 Unfortunately, all of his accounts seem to have gone dead, but his art remains. Could it be possible to do some water color iterations of these for use in Deadfire? Specifically the male Death Godlike one. They're severely lacking in portrait variety.
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