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  1. God-titan boxing. You get to make your own god titan by either serving some already existing god or making a god of your own. Then you have the option to challenge the other gods to boxing matches. Other adventurers who have their own agenda and goals, actively roam the world and affect things. It would be cool to find priest, chanter, druid and wizard spells from the world. Let's say you visit an old abandoned church full of ghost monks and zombie priests, destroy them all and from the library of the church find a priest spell that you can then learn as usable skill.
  2. Now that I finished the game I could write a review. I'll start with the actual feel of the game and it's settings. In first game it was cool and interesting to chase the mystery about the watcher, thaos, engwithans and gods. But after the first game everything was too clear: we're in a fabricated world, gods are fabrications, humans can't die but they are always reborn, there's this ominous feeling that the world will soon end. This causes carelessness towards pretty much everything lore-wise and you can actually see it in the dialogs too. It's like everyone somehow felt that way. I simply di
  3. Since yesterday, I haven't been able to change combat speed. It's always the basic speed regardless what the combat speed meter shows. I have combat speed controls set to < and z, those 2 buttons do nothing if i press them.
  4. For chanter summons, consider not taking the drake. It flaps its wings all the time, making constant noise and causing performance issues. It also has a huge model that blocks your view. Also, if you multiclass a chanter, you won't get the best summons at all and even some good summons you get very late because of slow advancing in the ability tree. You'll be playing around with skeletons or wyrms for very long time. So I don't think a multiclass chanter makes a good summoner.
  5. I don't think there is a summary of such items anywhere so I'll make one here. Escape items are items that have bound ability which allow you to teleport when getting stuck or surrounded in combat. It's very useful for characters that don't have such ability naturally. Squid's Grasp - teleport Bounding boots - teleport Okura's Kettle - teleport to ally The Magnificent Escape Cape - teleport Queen's Rule - Low range (4m), replaces enemy with yourself. So if surrounded, you can move outside of the surround by replacing one of the surrounding enemies. These are the ones that I know of
  6. Dungeons look awesome, the little glowing mushrooms are great. There's fish in the water and corals too. Vailian mansions are inredibly detailed and the italian(?) renesance style is done with great care. The way plants grow from between rocks in certain locations makes the world very lively, same as ivy growing on walls. One of my top favourites are the taverns. Each has a specific name and style.
  7. Another thing to point out about mega-bosses is that it's silly how tough AND hard to hit they are. This kind of combats are those where you go prepared. So might aswell think, I'm gonna waste all my gadgets, bombs and scrolls in this fight. But NO, all of the gadgets and bombs and scrolls MISS all the time and you end up using some very specific strategy to deal damage. Same goes with traps, ill make a big trap carpet, lure the boss over it and miss miss miss. My main bombadier with 11 explosives had 0% accuracy to huani o whe with bombs.
  8. It is also possible to keep the ship crew happy by feeding them nothing but hagfish thru the entire game if you also remember to either pay or give them something a little bit better to drink than water.
  9. Did you know that If you go to Luminous Bathhouse in Periki's Overlook and stand near the pool with a pet, the pet might randomly just walk in the pool and go totally underwater without drowning? Also, Isn't it silly how you can't sleep in the streets of Neketaka, but you can instead go to the crypt and have a good night's sleep in that horrible haunted place? Or you can destroy, slaughter and mercilessly rob every single ship you encounter and be considered polite, diplomatic and benevolent person? Please share your silliest remarks.
  10. My only problem with megabosses is that performance gets really bad in long fights and then it's playing is not fun anymore. Your micro gets screwed because when you click something, it doesn't choose it but perhaps moves a previously selected character in that location. I like megabosses, because they still require some strategy to finish them.
  11. If you prepare a chant and then reroll the character and choose different abilities, those chants still remain in the chant book and you can use them even though you don't have the ability. For example my chanter had Her Courage Thick as Steel before reroll. Once I rerolled, I still had it in my prepared chants and it worked in battle. EDIT: only the prepared chants remain after reroll. If you remove the prepared chants after reroll, you can't choose them again but if you don't remove them from prepared chants you can use chants that you don't actually have.
  12. So I went to fight the big black good and managed to kill its first form. I think it took like 1,5 hours. Then it split into 2 and at that point, like in all long fights, my game had slowed down so much that it was pretty much unplayable choppy laghell so I just thought "I'm not going to do this" and just killed it thru console.
  13. It works for me - like before. Were you invisible when trying to take whiteleaf maybe? No I was in ship battle. I took whiteleaf with one character, it didn't get consumed, then took coral snuff with another, didn't get consumed either.
  14. I've got problems with knowing what stacks and what doesn't. I have no idea which chanter chants stack, except the healing chant. Thankfully we got these new buff names such as strong and aware and only one of those can be active. But still, no idea if it's possible to have 4 Ues mith fyr chants going, giving 4x15% fire damage, my guess is no but it's pretty hard to test because in easy fights the enemies die so fast it's hard to tell and to test it in hard fight it's even harder to tell because the enemies take so little damage anyway. And it makes things more complicated that some things say
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