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  1. The answer is in the previous page of this thread, along with screenshots of all unique abilities that are already in the game for both classes (indeed, Priest of Woedica just might be the Priest subclass with the most unique spells, and they all have unique icons to go with them.) They need descriptions for their unique abilities, maybe an icon for the Garrote ability (would be nice to have but not strictly necessary), and in-game reactivity. Mechanics are all already there to the point that modders can already make both classes available (and they have.) Damn straight! I've exchanged PMs with Dimitri and he said he'll let me know if/when he's tasked to do it; been holding my breath ever since and I sure hope he PMs soon before I die a horrible, suffocating death XD Sorry to burst your bubble, but Dimitri wouldn't be working on it. It would be a different character artist on the DLC team. Just don't want you to freak out if he doesn't send you anything.
  2. I have it on good authority that the Forgotten Sanctum DLC is going to have an insane set of robes. Don't want to spoil too much, but expect a full robe set of wand, off-hand, head, and robe. I think you will all be pleased.
  3. Just to be clear. None of these DLCs were cut storylines that we are adding back in. A small number of area assets were unused from the base game, but most are new to the DLCs. EDIT: Also, Deadfire is enormous. Like, seriously huge. You don't have to worry about the game feeling incomplete or underwhelming in that regard. I'll talk more about how the DLCs fit into the base game in the coming weeks after Deadfire ships.
  4. Hey, everyone. Glad to see you are all excited. Unfortunately, I can't answer your questions right now, but I'll be able to after Deadfire launches. So, keep 'em coming and I'm sure we'll put together a Q&A for everyone in a few weeks.
  5. It wouldn't happen automatically (I don't think), but we could probably do something about it if you contacted support.
  6. The official response is that we are still tracking down and fixing this. It is very likely this has to do with memory constraints. We are still digging into it. One thing we discussed this morning was restructuring how characters are loaded into memory in an attempt to load more assets dynamically. This is a memory vs. speed trade off, though. Once we lock in on what is causing this issue for some people we will have a better timeline for the fix. We haven't forgotten about you. This is a high priority issue for us.
  7. I am looking at suggestions for improving auto-salvaging. A couple of things I have discussed with the team: Increasing the cap for Legendary and Epic cards by one. I still want those to be rarer that other "lesser" rarity cards in terms of location deck construction, but the current limits may be too harsh. I am still discussing and taking feedback on this. Allow for a way for users to "tag" treasure cards as hidden (do not use). This would mean that a user could tag various treasure cards with this status and the game would ignore those cards when building location decks. If you really hated specific cards, this would mean you could exclude them permanently. You could also toggle this hidden status between scenarios. We won't be removing the cap or auto-salvaging, though. I fell that this is a more user friendly (if not power gamer friendly) way for the digital game to work. That said, I do want to work with the community to make the feature something that works better for you guys, so keep the suggestions coming.
  8. Hey, PenNPopper. This is by design. The naming was so you could differentiate your characters in party creation. In the game you are still controlling the Pathfinder iconics.
  9. No need to apologize. We (me, really) dropped the ball in talking to you guys about the change. We have a few people looking into the problem right now so I'm hoping that we can have an answer for you soonish.
  10. You should not have access to your B Deck treasure cards restricted. It sounds like something else is going on. I'll pass to programming and QA. As for your other questions, Mr. Bishop can answer those.
  11. Hey, Pediatron. You may have the same problem. You should contact support@obsidian.net to see if they can straighten this out for you.
  12. I just checked with Mr. Bishop. The game should not be removing cards from character decks. If you are seeing cards disappearing from your decks you are hitting some sort of issue. I'm asking support, QA, and programming to dig deeper into this, but it might be difficult depending on reproducability. At the very least we can look into your PlayFab account to see if there is anything noticeably wrong in there.
  13. I don't understand this. For example Lem had a full set of Favors of Shelyn and all but two were deleted from him when they were silently deleted from my collection. Are you telling me that if I find more Favors of Shelyn in chests I can add them to him and they won't be deleted? Is it somehow only if I find them in chests, or find them in-game on other characters? Or I can't have more than two on a character, but if I accidentally put Lem and a Merisiel with one together it won't delete hers? I explained they were missing and gave a list from the B deck blessings, which I think was quite claer. They told me: >I will have to get back to you on this (I think most of the programmers are under their desks rocking back and forth), BUT it might have been an auto-salvage type of thing where if you had more than a certain number of cards it gave you gold in return. >Again, I am not sure on that and will get back to you but I wanted to let you know I'm looking into it. Which I took to mean it might have been a bug, as the idea a fundamental change like this would be implemented without a word was so ridiculous, a bunch of other cards still existed in higher numbers than the ones that were randomly deleted, and that it isn't like it would be the first time you've accidentally nuked random content from people. Also, for an intended change, waiting a week with "I'll get back to you" when a simple "working as intended" would end the issue is just pathetic. One bit or another wouldn't bother me so much, but combined with months of absolute silence, piles of bugs, and not mentioning the GoG release was indefinitely delayed until launch day the whole project seems like a circus of errors. I'll have to ask Mr. Bishop, but cards were never supposed to be deleted from existing decks. It should only affect building new locations (where, if the number of cards in circulation for that game equals or exceeds the cap, the locations won't contain that card). This sounds like a bug.
  14. Hey, Malgamus. It sounds like you may have an issue with merging. Please contact support@obsidian.net and they can look into your account to see if there was a problem with the merging.
  15. Hi, dedyp79. It sounds like there might be a problem with Asmodee.net not auto-logging in. I'll let QA know to look into it, but you should contact support@obsidian.net with your problem. It may be that there was some issue merging your accounts and they might be able to look into it for you.
  16. It also means, if you have many cards, chests are a joke. When a gold border popped up it may not have been that fancy new toy you hoped, but at least it meant another Portable Ram to play around with. Now it just laughs at you and returns a tiny fraction of the gold you spent on the chest without mentioning it was doing it. Yay... way more fun and less confusing. Totally. Also: you might want to tell support this happens. All I got was speculation that made it seem like yet another bug. It isn't like it would be the first time. There is still utility in finding cards in treasure chests. With the Stash system, any card you find gets a copy added to the Unclaimed tab of the Stash. This can exceed the cap limits. What this means is that, while the Legendary won't be used in building location decks, you can still enter a game with more copies of that card in your character decks. Also, the support thing. I think there was just some miscommunication regarding what people meant when they said their cards were disappearing. I know personally I dealt with some folks that mentioned this, but it was assumed that cards were disappearing from their character decks (which shouldn't be happening with this change).
  17. That Is true. Some people have hunted spesific legendary cards so having only one of those can be bitter to those persons! That's fair. I'll discuss with the team to see about loosening the cap on Legendary and Epic cards.
  18. Hey, everyone a few things regarding the salvaging: My apologies for not expressing this up front. It was something that we meant to discuss, but it fell through the cracks. That isn't a good excuse, but it is the truth. You can lay the blame on me for that one. Auto-salvaging should be giving you gold as compensation. So if your collection is losing treasure cards to auto-salvaging, you should be getting some gold from it. If you feel this isn't the case, please contact support@obsidian.net and they can work with you on the issue. There was always a hard cap in people's boxes even though it was never expressed in the UI. Mr Bishop can confirm, but I want to say that there was never more than three copies of any treasure card that was available in a campaign. This means, even if you had 12 Fire Sneezes, you would only ever see up to the cap in play, in any particular run. Allowing salvaging of some cards (treasure cards), but not others (campaign cards) was confusing and difficult to explain. New users were deleting cards from their collection without understanding that they were removing the ability to even find those cards in the future. People that want more control of their campaign boxes will not be happy with this answer, but it was put into place to simplify the system. This answer will be a bit longer, so bear with me on this one. For people that understand the rules of the physical game, adding and removing cards from the campaign box makes sense. You have a specific number of cards available in the campaign and adding or removing cards from the box allows you to adjust how many of those cards can be found while playing the game. The problem is for people that have only played the digital version of the game. Those people have no concept of the box and it isn't something that is easily explained. Most folks didn't understand that the cards in their collection were just "potential" cards that they could find in the future. It isn't an easy thing to explain because there isn't much of an analog in most other digital card games. Most people who play these games understand the copies of cards in your collection to be the available cards you can build you deck with, but not as potential cards they can find. I also saw a problem where people were salvaging treasure cards without understanding that that meant they would never see those cards again. They were assuming they were getting rid of a copy they had found, not the potential to ever find the card again. It was causing a large amount of confusion with newer players. I spent a lot of time talking to people about the game and the campaign box before making this decision. It wasn't a decision I came to lightly and I feel that this is a simplification that is needed if we expect the game to grow in the future. I completely understand the anger from people that want a greater control over their campaign boxes, but please understand that a main objective of mine when I got onto this project was to make the game easier to understand and more accessible to newcomers. I feel this change helps that goal at the expense of customization. All of that being said, I am more than willing to work with the community to help create a system that works better for everyone. Some thoughts I had about this: Maybe we could add in something into the collection that allows people to remove a specific treasure card from consideration while building a location. So, for example, if you never want to see a specific card (Engineers Workgloves, or something), you can disable it from the collection. We can adjust the caps for treasure cards. If four uncommons is too much, we can lower it. If 1 legendary feels too punishing, we can raise it. Even if you don't agree with why I asked for these changes I'm hoping you can understand why I asked for them. Please continue sending additional feedback (unless it's telling me that I am a jackass... you can keep those).
  19. With the introduction of the Steam PC build we have been getting an increased number of questions about how users can merge their Steam, iOS, and Android accounts. I figured it would be helpful to include some easy to find instructions on the merging process. IMPORTANT: The first thing to note is that it is always best to start the account merging from what you consider your main account. This is the account that will be moved to your other platforms. So, for example, if you consider your iOS account your main account, you should start this process from your iOS device. Once you have started the game on your main account's device, you will need to press the Options button on the main menu. After pressing the Options button, you will need to press the Settings button. In Settings you will need to press the Link button next to the Link Devices label. Pressing the Link button will bring you to a menu that asks which platform you would like to link this account to. If you are merging a mobile account to your desktop account, you will press the Desktop button. If you are merging the desktop account to one of your mobile accounts, you will want to press the button of the mobile platform you are trying to merge. Once you press the button of the platform you are attempting to merge, you will be shown your PlayFab ID and a secret key. You will need to enter both of these numbers into the platform you are trying to merge. You must use this secret key within 5 minutes or it will expire and you will need to generate another key for merging. To enter this key, go into the platform you would like to merge to your main account. Follow the steps above to get the the Link Device menu. In the Link Device menu you will need to press the Enter a Link Code button. Pressing this button will bring you to a menu where you can enter in your PlayFab ID and your secret key. Once you correctly enter in your PlayFab ID and your secret key, press Ok to start the merging process. If everything goes correctly you will see a message indicating your account merging was successful. It can take up to five minutes for your account to fully merge. At this point, all of the content on your main account will be accessible in your other merged devices and vice versa. Hope this simple guide was helpful in all of your account merging adventures.
  20. Hey, maxcito. I'm sorry that you are running into some issues. I'll pass this off to our QA team so they can investigate your errors.
  21. Hey, funnyfrog. The issue you have reported is already fixed. A new build was submitted to Apple and once it is approved by them we will put out a new patch that will fix the issue.
  22. Hey, jwcurnalia. This issue has been fixed and we are pushing a new iOS update shortly. Once it goes through Apple we will push it live.
  23. Hey, OrcishBard. We have seen an increase of reports about crashes on mobile. I'm sending this to our QA team so they can investigate this further. We hope to have a fix soon.
  24. Hey, Kaner. Can you give some additional specifics? For example, which platform are you on? Which accounts are you attempting to link and how are you linking it.
  25. Hey, everyone. I'm sorry you are having these issues. Hannibal_PJV is correct that you should contact support@obsidian.net. We will work our fastest to correct any problems you may be experiencing. To get the best help it can be useful to list out exactly when and how you saw the issue take place. This will help our support team track down your exact issue and solve it.
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