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  1. Hi , where should I apply and what should I do to get a refund for this game? I've bought it two days ago but it's unplayable for so many bugs. It looks like an alpha version. Please give me instruction for a refund. Thank you very much
  2. Hi, I'm on Pc windows 10 I did my first game and in the end of my first game i had to sell all surplus. I seel things, i get the animation of coins and after that just nothing...it remains stucked and I cannot continue to play. I've tried to recreate a new party but if I load my previous characters, after that I reload all 6 of them the game just hang. Help pls
  3. Hi, dont know why but my username it's different from the one that I've in my Asmodeus account. My profile in game has this name: player725962 #4338 it should be just: maxcito Thank you very much
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