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  1. Game freezes after attempting the acrobatics roll for facing Vorka. Anyone else running into this problem?
  2. Chiming in, my Ransak is not greedy enough either. He isn't getting the option to roll after acquiring boons.
  3. When I log in the game is not feeding me grapes or fanning me. I understand the developers have a lot of work but when I download an app that's a game I do it for my luxury. How can I or anyone else for that matter, be expected to engage in strenuous text reading and screen tapping without fresh fruit? For too long I have endured, in silence, this game's lack of servitude. Now I'm lead to believe there are instances in the game where I am meant to be challenged? Why? Why does the game not worship me and surrender in amusing ways? I am nothing if not patiently benevolent so I'll wait, trust
  4. I had thought this was going to be a much heavier discussion.
  5. I can only access the specials, adventures and gold tabs in the store. Is anyone else experiencing this? I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.
  6. You can only acquire the loot as many times as you have copies of said loot. It's like adding one card to the box in the table top game.
  7. Yes, the monk power uses Dex as the base combat stat when activated.
  8. Same as OP, and it makes me sad on my inside when spells don't recharge.
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