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  1. I had the same problem when I faced them too. But the scenario ended just fine when I closed all locations.
  2. The loot spell Summon monster says it can be recharged after use but every time I use it the recharge prompt fails to show.
  3. Local Heroes is easily my fave place to farm gold running Seoni, Lem, Lini, Valeros, Seelah, and Kyra. Since most allies need diplomacy checks, most of these characters take the cake. Seelah and Lini cam self buff their own checks, Lem can buff any checks that need help, and my Kyra is stacked with Blessings for any other needs.
  4. Ive never tried it, but i have considered building a Merisiel with a spell card feat. Even if they dont have the Arcane or Divine skills they still get a new spell after the scenario because their deck lists would force them too. It might be fun to give them a little cantrip like a 1 shot Agility Spell to buff their damage when needed or even (Major) Cure like an "Break Glass In Case of Emergency" kind of out.
  5. I prefer Amiri over Valeros for her Movement Power. It really helps on legendary difficulty and you can some fun scouting tricks with Seelah is you have them near each other. I also prefer pretty much anyone over Lem. Having a caster who can use both Divine and Arcane is all well and good, but Seoni does Diplomacy just as well, if not better, and since you have 2 Arcanes in the party already between Ez and Seoni, Lem just feels redundant and all around useless. At least with Lini you could fill the role of healer since she gets more spells than Lem and Kyra. And at the same time she is also a good combatant. I leveled my Lini to max her Beast Companion and adding 1d4+3 to any check makes her capable of holding and recharging more powerful spells like Restoration or Mass Cure better than Kyra imo.
  6. I always play with a party of 6 and most of my characters are ones that can solo pretty well. Betweem Amiri, Seoni, and Ezren, i dont really have any mobility issues on Legendary either since both of my casters carry Teleport and Haste.
  7. The last scenario on AD4 has a Henchmen that drops armor whenever you beat him, the Headless one or something. Then if you fail to close the area, or chose not to, he reshuffles into thr location deck. This give a near infinite supply of armor drops so long as you battle and defeat him.
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