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  1. What worked for me, and apparently for other people from what I read in an older bug thread, is to select each character in the party BEFORE trying to scroll down and/or selecting any new feats.
  2. so... just opened 2x48 chests. 0 legendaries. Feels wrong somehow.
  3. Just want to point out, that the Fox actually is NOT part of the base game.
  4. Device: Ipad air, OS: ios 9.3.1 I realized I had a few handfulls of "Experienced" Characters that were left out of parties. I wanted to clean up a bit, and delete them. This in itself is cumbersome, but that is another issue. After having deleted 4-5 of them, I realized that some of the characters I was going to delete might have cards that I maybe would like to give to someone in my active parties. So I continued a game with one of my parties. Clicked the left button on the bottom right of the screen. I was unable to remove any characters from the party/switch any characers for a ch
  5. I have gotten a few. 96 chests opened. Epid: Orb of Magic, Item 2 Oition of Perseverance, Item 2 Giantbane Battleaxe +2, Weapon 2 Abadar's Truthtelling, Spell 3 Flask of Force, Item 3 Flask of Shock, Item 3 Flask of Frost, Item 4 Greater's Sage Journal, Item 4 Soul Soap, Item 4 Catskin Leather, Armor 4 Flask of Force Missile, Item 5 Flask of Storm, Item 5 Flask of Firestorm, Item 6 Ring of Superior Protection, Item 6 Leopard Leather, Armor 6 Legendary: Amulet of Inescapable Location, Item 4 Slaying Scythe, Weapon 6 With all these flasks, I was kinda looking for
  6. Done. There's also the separate tabs for each boons, giving a bit more info, with regards to special locations, sub-obtimal scenarios with good locations etc. Now, to try to figure out why alot of the cell borders seems to disapear when you click on the link, but show up in the spreadhseet itself.
  7. Updated the spreadsheet. I included the adventure/boon level. Added notification on scnarios with less than max yield, but have the Academy Location. Same for Temple location. Also added the same kind of notifications on the Scenarios that include the Garrison. Debating wether to indicate where scenarios that already give the max yield, also includes the Garrison/Temple/Academy location. Added information for the upcoming Adventure 3.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions and input. I've updated the link to a updated version. As you can see, I've added separate tabs for each Boon type. Good points, will add that to notes in my next update.
  9. My favorite thematic group so far, is the All Caster group. Ezren, Seoni, Lini, Kyra, Lem and Seelah. This is probably the party I've had the least trouble with, in general. There's the occasional location needing a bit more blessings to close, but I find that the versatility I get with the ammount of spells available, is amazing. Having 4 characters with cures available also gives me to option to play a bit more agressively than I tend to do otherwise. The fact that I dont have to worry about weapons or armors hardly at all, enables me to pool my resources even more towards spesific c
  10. Having completed the currently released Adventures with several parties, I came to a point where I was a bit out of content. (Quest mode is still somewhat bugged for me). So what I spend time with at the moment, is farming up some gold, and trying to find some upgrades, be it in power or flavour, for my characters. After spending some time in the app I found no easy way to find out what scenarios to play for a higher chance to find a particular card. So I brought out my physical copy of the game, and started to make a list. I love lists. It's fun making them. So I figured I might as wel
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