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  1. To answer OphirGonen question: it happened to me when it was caster turn. In addition to this I had another issue: I played the Emerald Codex as Merisiel (with the ability to recharge magic items) and I couldn't find the card at the end of the game, as it was banished. Thank you for your work!
  2. HI everybody! I usually play with a party of 6 characters: Lini, Seelah, Harsk, Ezren, Lem and Merisiel. Recently I encountered quite a few bugs regarding the use of spells, most of all Invoke and Abadar's Truthtelling. Everytime Seelah uses Abadar's Truthtelling and doesn't recharge it, it goes in the inventory of another character (happened a few times that at the end of the adventure I found the spell in Merisiel's inventory and a couple of times in the inventory of other characters). The same thing happened with Invoke used by Lini. Today though Invoke was buried as usual and at the
  3. I had a similar issue yesterday when the challenge was "reduce 5 damage". Actually the progression of the challenge was smooth and I gained the corresponding gold, but the weekly challenge counter didn't advance, still blocked at 1/3 (as it was the day before). Today I won the daily challenge and the weekly challenge advancement shows 2/3.
  4. Today challenge (aid other characters with blessings) does not advance. Would someone look into this please?
  5. It happened that Amulet of Inescapable Location was banished when used by Merisiel with the appropriate power. Check this out please
  6. I was about to report the same issue. Thanks for anticipating me. Happy Holidays everyone! Keep up doing this wonderful job, you are great!
  7. Hi everybody! I would like to signal a bug that occurred to me. I won a quest scenario in normal mode and my party of 6 character advanced from 24th to 25th level and so every character gained a power feat. When I try to select the feat, I have serious problems changing from a character to another (the game simply doesn't respond) and selecting the feat (game stuck, doesn't scroll the page or scrolls only down)...what should I do? I tried several times to reload the game and nothing changed.
  8. Hi everybody! I played several times the Thassilonian Sins scenario and couldn't finish it a single time. Each time I play Augury or Scrying on a location, expecially if that is the last one open, the game doesn't let me see the cards nor rearrange them and simply the screen turns "reddish" and no button appear, actually making impossible to take any action. Trying to exit to the main menu and re-entering the game doesn't do anything good, the game remains stuck, forcing me to forfeit and restart anew. Hope this could be useful for someone. Best regards
  9. Exactly, I've been playing the game from some time and did not grasped all the aspects of the rules. I don't know why I believed that recharging a card would shuffle the deck too...my bad! Thanks again!
  10. Hi everybody! I find the explanation of some class powers a bit obscure. What's the difference between Inheritor favor and Inheritor favorite? Doesn't both of them allow to recharge blessings? Many thanks
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