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  1. I don't understand. Are you saying that I could give Harsk 6 copies of Deathbane Light Crossbow and the game wouldn't hiccup? When I'm talking about my vault above, I am referring to the vault accessed through the main menu, not the vault that is available during the scenario.
  2. Let's see if this works https://goo.gl/photos/yaSBQCzoviChCmbK7 I've been having issues with Imgur today for some reason.
  3. ...but my Vault doesn't know it. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/ttZtjxj The story behind this one is short. Started playing Under Jorgenfist with my 6 party makeup (Valeros, Kyra, Lem, Harsk, Sajan, Ezren) and Valeros was start player (at Giant Lair). Immediately at the start of his turn, the game switched over to Ezren to roll for recharging a copy of Lightning Bolt and the location power at Thassilonian Dungeon as well as Expanded Spellbook both triggered. He recharged the spell, and managed to draw two cards because of both abilities. The rest of the game proceeded as normal (as far as I know). Lem now possesses a copy of Lightning Bolt in his deck as well as the two copies that Ezren owns, and they can both play together without the game triggering one of them adding a spell to his deck. If I go into my vault, however, it shows that I own only two copies of the card. Playing on Huawei Nexus 6P with Android 7.0 PFID is F75AADCF9BD598C9
  4. The scenario power for Sandpoint Under Siege on heroic (and legendary) says "When you encounter a non-villain non-henchman monster, a random character at an open location summons and encounters the henchman Longtooth." For whatever reason, it's not restricted to just open locations. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/zq1EB Playing 6 party makeup (Valeros, Kyra, Lem, Harsk, Sajan, Ezren) with Full Packs wildcard. Huawei Nexus 6P Android 7.0. PFID F75AADCF9BD598C9
  5. AD4.1 = Sandpoint Under Siege The scenario power wording for heroic says "...When you encounter a non-villain non-henchman monster, a random character at an open location summons and encounters the henchman Longtooth". When playing on this difficulty (and I assume legendary as well based on the same wording) any enemy that has a "before you act" roll completely ignores it after the random character has fought Longtooth. I went up against at least 2 enemies (possibly more) that have that BYA text and neither of them required I perform the roll. Specifically, they were Bunyip (Lem fighting) and Harpy (Harsk fighting). Also, Ezren encountered a Hag and played Scorching Ray and should have rolled to allow it, but the Hag was feeling generous apparently. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/VMdUn Playing a 6 party group (Valeros, Lem, Kyra, Sajan, Harsk, Ezren) with Full Packs wildcard. Huawei Nexus 6P with Android 7.0. PFID: F75AADCF9BD598C9
  6. The cost for this bundle appears to be the same cost for 25 chests purchased from the store (basically half the price of the 50 chest bundle). However, with the 50 chest bundle I believe you also receive a bonus chest, though I've never personally purchased it so I can't say for certain. For people that might not have the two cards already, it seems like this would be a decent deal to purchase. But like you, it's not worth it for me either, considering I have both cards already and more than enough sets of dice.
  7. In looking at the card lists for Merisiel, Sajan, and Harsk, none of them start with the ability to build decks with spells, but they all have the option in the future with feats. So my question is, who does it? With Harsk, I can maybe understand it if you choose to get him Nature's Gift down the line so he can Cure it up, but what spells are there that you're going to purposefully choose to include in decks for Sajan and Merisiel? The number of times that a spell doesn't say banish seems to be few and far between.
  8. This works even if the characters are at different locations. Relevant Characters: Lini, Amiri (other characters are Lem and Merisiel) Scenario: Into the Mountains Legendary Wildcards: Full Packs, Darkest Night Details: Amiri's turn at the Woods. Switched to Lini whose turn just ended to cast Major Cure on herself (Lini is at Mountain Peak). It was magically Lini's turn again. Incidentally, she encountered Battered Chest but the front of the card never showed up; the back of the card was visible but enlarged like a normal encounter would be. Heading into the Vault to try to fix it and no card appears on the screen at this point; exit to main menu and return to the game, again no card on screen, but Lini is able to roll for the check. Fails and choose to banish; banish animation appears on top of the location deck and I can proceed like normal. Playing on Huawei Nexus 6P Android 7, Google login number (not sure what it's called) is 7103. That's supposed to replace the PFID right? If not, my PFID is F75AADCF9BD598C9
  9. I didn't mean to sound snarky...sorry if it came across that way. You have a lot going on. Thanks for responding at all!
  10. The latest patch notes mention the fix for flasks. It is currently working as intended.
  11. No worries. I wasn't sure if anyone else had really noticed my previous post, so I figured it might be pertinent.
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