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  1. I thought your subject line had more to do with the amount of eye strain this game causes while played on cell phone. I developed really bad eye twitches after playing this game too much on my phone. I had to put it down and restrict my usage greatly. Luckily I picked up an ipad recently. But I agree with you that I love this game. I enjoy it probably too much!
  2. I believe it is a vicious trident + 1 or +2, I can't recall. It makes you discard one card to use it, and then discard one card after you use it. It sure is powerful, but I ended up dropping it from use and picking up a all around use weapon instead. Otherwise it bogs down your hand until you come across the exact right situation to use it. Thoughts?
  3. Love the game, first time poster here, long time lurker. I just got a new ipad, and would like to play the same account on both the ipad and my iphone. However, the synching seems really off. For example, I finished an adventure on the ipad last night, and today while out of the house I open it up on the iphone and I'm still in the middle of it...or maybe still on the same adventure as last time I opened it up on my phone, it is hard to tell. I am closing the app in-between and relogging in. Seems like the synching should be immediate, but there is definitely some kind of multihour delay going on here. Thoughts?
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