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  1. Platform: Android 7 Device: Nexus 5x When I have music playing the the background (Spotify, specifically) with Pathfinder open, Pathfinder will stop my music when unlocking my phone. NB: I'm using Spotify for my repro steps because that's how I reproduced it. It's highly likely that this will happen with any music app. 1. Open Spotify and start playing music 2. Open Pathfinder. Music will be stopped during app boot. 3. Drag down the top bar and press play on the Spotify app. Music resumes. 4. Lock the phone 5. Unlock the phone The music will stop again. This only
  2. Platform: Android 7 Device: Nexus 5x When using Major Cure from a hero who is not the active hero, that hero will become the active hero after Major Cure resolves. 1. Have 2 heroes at the same location (Hero A and Hero B) 2. Ensure Hero A has cards in his discard pile 3. Ensure Hero B has Major Cure in his hand 4. Ensure Hero A is the active hero 5. Select Hero B and use Major Cure on Hero A Once Major Cure resolve, Hero B will now be the active player. Using these repro steps, I've been able to reproduce this issue 4/4 times. I have not tested by having Hero
  3. Platform: Android 7 Device: Nexus 5x When using the card Wand of Enervation from a hero with the Arcane skill, the player is rolling 2d4 instead of 4+1d4. This is a new bug from this week's patch. 1. Ensure a hero with the Arcane skill has Wand of Enervation in their hand 2. Start a combat encounter 3. Use Wand of Enervation (bury it) The player will be given 2d4 to roll.
  4. Platform: Android 7 Device: Nexus 5x When using the card Major Cure on the same hero that's using the card, the extra 1 card that's supposed to be returned to the caster is not. It plays the animation as if it is being recharged, but no card is actually moved. Repro steps: 1. Have a hero with Major Cure in his hand and at least 6 cards in the discard 2. Cast Major Cure (discard it). Select the caster if necessary 3. Roll the die. Remember the result of the roll As Major Cure resolves, you will see the animation of the first set of cards being returned to the deck. The number of
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