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  1. the Stash affair is better than i knew...it reintroduces gold for extra cards(with the dear merchant),a new(not at all) way to grind gold i appreciate this update,for many aspects,it gives new hopes in the future content(i remained mobile,my money for the game was already spent years ago) good job
  2. but the mobile version will be updated as usual(even if it will work in a different way PC version works)?
  3. any chance to have the stream subtitled in english(the following day sure) or a dev blog on the stream?
  4. I'm wondering if the PC release(with all the Goblin stuff) will come out "together" with a mobile update...*.*
  5. ahahahahhaha I hope the same period of the Europe xD the real question is "Summer of which year?" xD
  6. I tried to PM Aarik for some news,and when I asked for an ETA(May?Summer?Autumn?) he answered definitely before Summer...just to share the info Slide
  7. but it's also true that Silence before a release is common news with Pathfinder..
  8. all the forum loves Quest Mode,and losing it brings us to nervousism...xD yeah, hannibal, I understand what u say,I just want a bit more of On the Road news..."Ehi guys,the patch is coming,we had some problem with debugging" or "sry guys,a bit more,we are going to add some features more" things like that
  9. I think that nsr is punctualizing aboyut mcrispy posts too much(c'mon guys,reeelax),and I think from player and addicted to game(like anyone) that a bit more transparency in informing community would be better...
  10. For me top it was bugged,10 instead of 5 treasure chests...Happy Bugxmas!!
  11. Yeah i've hoped about an alt while "burning" those chests,but odds were against me Ethics
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