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  1. How does Ranzak's favored card type work? I thought it would work the same as Lem but there is no prompt at the start of the scenario. Is it a bug?
  2. Challenge accepted. I'm in adventure 5 currently and progressing. Avoiding Karzoug should be ok with augury, but burying a card every turn should be rough, yes.
  3. No, you got the right idea, actually. Due to his ability to swap from discard, Lem is often better off NOT recharging his spells anyway. Outside of combat, Charisma is useful for closing a couple of locations (but your Diplomacy bonus makes that pretty much guaranteed) and getting Allies (which are not crucial as in solo you don't need extra explores); Dexterity on the other hand will save your skin with a bunch of barriers. Also, Lem would have a hard time beating some monsters' spell resistance - including Karzoug's; and having two combat spells for two-check monsters is a problem. Finally, Karzoug's statue will probably mess you up in solo if you've betting on Arcane. Well, as it turns out, Lem can only build his Dex up to +3... I've just finished scenario 4.1 and my charisma is already +1, so I don't think that will be an issue anymore haha. Anyway, I've been trying someone's suggestion of using two Cure spells and that has been working out pretty well, I don't have to swap at the beginning of the turn so that gives me more opportunities to use combat spells. I've also put my card feats into Spells and items but I've wondered if an extra weapon would be nice. If I have to discard one due to damage or some other reason, I can have a backup which I can potentially swap for the better one in my discard. The problem is there are so many good items... I'm not sure if sacrificing an extra item slot for this is worth it.
  4. So... I got my ass kicked in 1.4 and 1.5 haha. I acknowledge the difficulty now XD So, I'm building my Lem with DEX instead of CHA. Is that a bad idea? I figured relying on my weapon would be more stable than relying on having attack spells in my hand...
  5. Now you made me want to try woth one of those two on Legendary =P
  6. So, I'm giving this a try... I've just defeated scenario 1.3 Trouble in Sandpoint and things have been going extremely smoothly so far. This is my first playthrough with a party below 5 members and I noticed the blessings timer is nearly inconsequential and the real challenge seems to be staying alive. I never have to do a single extra exploration... I have an Acolyte in my deck even! That said, Lem can pretty much heal himself every turn he draws a spell (provided he has already drawn Cure at some point), so he's pretty much immortal. I'm just wondering if, for that reason, Lem is the easiest character to go solo with. I may be talking crap here, just wanted to hear opinions. Which would be the hardest?
  7. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90797-review-ratings-of-the-character-alts/
  8. Oh well, I just found out I did rework... http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90797-review-ratings-of-the-character-alts/
  9. I decided to compile that myself: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92323-equipment-sets-comparison/ Thanks to Oh_Emgee for providing the baseline for this info!
  10. Inspired by the following topic: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90655-are-the-new-equipment-sets-better/ , I decided to compile a comprehensive and hopefully concise list of changes between the equipment sets of each character. Please let me know if I missed something or something wasn't clear enough. Survivalist Amiri SkillsCON: d8 → d10 CHA: d6 → d4 Card ListWeapon: 5 → 4 Ally: 2 → 3 PowersBarbarian Rage → Relentless Barbarian Rage: Also works with Survival checks, in addition to Strength, Melee and Constitution checks. Upgrades to this ability, including the ones in roles, also include this. Scholar Ezren SkillsDEX: d6 → d4 WIS: d8 → d10 Arcane: INT (d12) +2 → INT (d12) +1 Knowledge: INT (d12) +2 → INT (d12) +3 Card ListWeapon: 1 → 0 Item: 3 → 4 PowersExpanded Spellbook → Augmented Spellbook: Adds the ability to draw items with the Magic trait in addition to spells. Focused Spellbook → Enriched Spellbook (Illusionist role): Like in Augmented Spellbook, also includes items with the Magic trait. Forest Harsk SkillsCON: d12 → d10 WIS: d6 → d8 Fortitude: CON +2 → CON +1 Survival: WIS +2 → WIS +3 Card ListWeapon: 5 → 4 Ally: 1 → 2 PowersHand Size: 5 → 6 Matchmaker Harsk SkillsDiplomacy: d4 → CHA (d4) +1 Card List (No change) Powers (No change) Sunwrought Kyra SkillsSTR: d6 → d8 WIS: d12 → d10 Melee: STR + 2 → STR + 3 Fortitude: CON (d6) +3 → CON (d6) +2 Card ListWeapon: 2 → 3 Armor: 2 → 1 PowersEnemy Lore: Undead gains +1 Lieutenant Lem SkillsDEX: d8 → d10 WIS: d6 → d4 Knowledge: INT (d6) +3 → INT (d6) +4 Diplomacy: CHA (d10) +3 → CHA (d10) +2 Card ListArmor: 0 → 1 Ally: 3 → 2 PowersStarts with Light Armor Proficiency Can now learn Heavy Armor Proficiency Wild Lini SkillsDEX: d6 → d8 CHA: d8 → d6 Knowledge: INT (d6) +3 → INT (d6) +2 Survival: WIS (d10) +2 → WIS (d10) +3 Card ListItem: 2 → 1 Ally: 3 → 4 PowersBeast Form → Savage Beast Form: STR/DEX die increased from d10 to d12. Upgrades in the Shapeshifter role add +1 and +2 as normal. Shadow Merisiel SkillsSTR: d8 → d6 WIS: d6 → d8 Acrobatics: DEX (d12) +2 → DEX (d12) +1 Stealth: DEX (d12) +2 → DEX (d12) +3 Card ListAlly: 2 → 1 Blessing: 4 → 5 PowersSneak Attack → Shrouded Sneak Attack: You get an additional 1d6 + 1 instead of 1d6 for discarding a card. Upgrades to this ability do not increase this value. Painted Sajan SkillsWIS: d8 → d6 CHA: d6 → d8 Acrobatics: DEX (d10) +2 → DEX (d10) +3 Fortitude: CON (d6) +2 → CON (d6) +1 Craft: d4 → WIS +2 Card ListWeapon: 0 → 1 Ally: 3 → 2 Powers (No change) Formal Seelah SkillsCON: d8 → d6 INT: d4 → d6 Melee: STR (d8) +2 → STR (d8) +1 Divine: WIS (d8) +2 → CHA (d10) +2 Diplomacy: d4 → CHA (d10) +1 Card ListArmor: 3 → 2 Item: 0 → 1 Powers (No change) Frostfire Seoni SkillsDEX: d8 → d10 WIS: d6 → d8 CHA: d12 → d10 Diplomacy: CHA +2 → CHA +1 Arcane: CHA +2 → CHA +3 Card ListSpell: 3 → 4 Blessing: 5 → 4 PowersArcane Blast → Stormfire Blast: You get Arcane + 2d4 instead of Arcane + 1d6 for your combat check. Also adds the Cold trait in addition to the Attack, Fire and Magic traits. Acid Blast (both roles): Your Stormfire Blast can use the Acid trait instead of the Fire and Cold traits. Armored Valeros SkillsDEX: d8 → d6 CON: d8 → d10 Melee: STR (d10) +3 → STR (d10) +2 Fortitude: d4 → CON +1 Card ListArmor: 3 → 4 Ally: 2 → 1 Powers (No change) Noble Valeros SkillsDiplomacy: CHA (d6) +2 → CHA (d6) +3 Card List (No change) Powers (No change)
  11. Thx for the breakdown! I just realized you didn't mention Lem's switch from an ally to an armor, which sucks big time. Maybe you should try Lieutenant Lem before saying it sucks big time? Djezet Skin is a godsend for Lem giving him +2 to help recharge any spell as well as a reveal to prevent 1 combat damage. And because he's got Light Armor Proficiency, he can bury it instead of banishing it should something go horribly wrong. I didn't say the whole character sucked, I said that particular change did... Is that armor a treasure card btw? Because if it is, the point is moot if I don't have it... I'd rather have the extra exploration, especially since I usually play with large parties. Is there somewhere where there is a comprehensive list of all the changes in each character set? I've only now realized that Frostfire Seoni's Arcane Blast not only adds the Cold trait but also changes the bonus from a 1d6 to 2d4...
  12. Thx for the breakdown! I just realized you didn't mention Lem's switch from an ally to an armor, which sucks big time.
  13. Heh. It happens to everyone... much like how I read the post where you said you tried reinstalling the game... and then immediately recommended you try reinstalling the game. Somewhere below one of my posts is a "Mark Solved" button. Feel free to close out the thread and maybe nobody will pay attention to our silliness. Alright alright, you got your payback mr/ms/mrs =P (I'm joking ofc) Thx for all the help, didn't know about the mark solved button. already pressed ^^ thx again!
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