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  1. Thanks for the info, SystemShaper. The original intention is that it reduces damage from all sources (not just combat).
  2. Hey, Raist1in. I'm sending this to our QA team so they can investigate.
  3. Some people have reported problems, but that it starts working shortly after. I would give it a few minutes, but if it still hasn't resolved in a bit I would email support@obsidian.net directly. They will be able to fix any problems with your account not being granted the proper licenses.
  4. Hey, guys. We have the problem fixed and the new patch is coming out as soon as it makes it through the Apple gauntlet.
  5. Hey, 8bagels. Sorry that you didn't get everything you were supposed to. We have seen some errors granting folks licenses in PlayFab. I'll send this over to our support team to make sure you get everything you have purchased.
  6. Since we are going to have to change the build I can't say for 100% certainty how it will play out, but the original plan was for online GoG users to have parity with Steam users. Linking will most likely work exactly like it does on Steam.
  7. Yes. We will make sure the coupon releases while Pathfinder is still on sale.
  8. I'm truly amazed and grateful if you really have do this only because of my single feedback. If not, then please don't make fun of me guys - I hadn't sleep for something like 40 hours for now and I can't tell if you are joking or not ;_; No joke. We added it to the store after you mentioned it. So, thank you for the feedback.
  9. Depending on the changes required for the GoG build it could be many weeks. We probably won't have those discussions until next week, though. Once we have more information about the GoG timeline we will let the community know.
  10. That is actually how it is set up on the back end of Steam. There is a hidden Obsidian Edition Upgrade DLC that will be handed out to Ambassadors once everything is ready on our end.
  11. I'll send this over to Ryan. He was noticing a bunch of PlayFab errors related to merging.
  12. It is available for download as far as I can see. Are you not able to download it from here?
  13. Hey, Archangelrey. My apologies, but I am a little unclear about what you are asking. Are asking about whether you need to purchase the Steam version of the game, even though you have spent $25 on the mobile versions of the game? If so, the answer is yes, you will need to purchase the base version of the game on Steam. That said, if you spent $25 on the mobile game you would qualify for the Ambassador Program and get a free upgrade to the Obsidian edition.
  14. Hey, everyone. As a thank you for your patience with the Steam release delays we have decided to make the Epic and Legendary card DLC free for a limited time. If you have always wanted a chance to play with those awesome Legendary cards now is a great time to pick up the Steam version and the card DLC. Thank you for all of your patience. Also, did i mention the Steam version is currently 25% off?
  15. Our dev team is looking into the mobile crashing issues, but we don't have a fix in place yet.
  16. While anything is possible in the world of video games, i wouldn't bank on it for the immediate future. Although, if there is enough demand it would make the decision easier.
  17. We haven't discussed our monetization strategy for future content. We probably won't decide that for a while, but once we know I'll try to update you guys.
  18. Seem to contradict this: I don't know what future content you guys will offer, but I just want to make sure that once I get past this $25 buy-in fee on Steam, that all platforms are treated equal and that it will be a Pathfinder Platform I am buying into, and not split based on where you buy it. Because i will come back one day if you release more actual content despite that I feel the only people who are paying double tax (despite your ambassador program) are those of us who were faithful and actually paid for your content. Right now there is no situation where som
  19. Huh, it's there. I don't how could I miss it. Thanks It wasn't there before your post. We were able to stealth add it to the store while you weren't looking. =p
  20. This is crap. I wrote and deleted this post like half dozen times, and it's probably for the better because no one needs the stream of invectives this froth-inducing 'news' made me wanna spout. So, instead, I'm gonna try to explain it as concise and civilized as I can: - I wouldn't have liked it, but I would've accepted it if PC version was only available on Steam. Many devs overlook GOG at all, and I can only deduce there are sound business reasons behind it. - I wouldn't have liked it, but would've understand it if no compensation for mobile users was available at all. In fa
  21. Hey, everyone. The Ambassador Program is not currently live. This means you are not able to link your PlayFab and Steam accounts with your Obsidian.net Account. Once I have more info regarding the website being available for the public I will post instructions on how to go about linking your accounts.
  22. We are working with Asmodee and Steam right now to get the game released everyone. Hopefully it will be up soon for you guys. If I hear of any complications I'll let you guys know.
  23. Hey, uncommitted. Originally, the Character Add-on deck was only available by purchasing the Rise of the Runelords bundle. After reading your feedback we decided to make the pack available for purchase with gold. If you navigate to the character tab in the store you should see the Character Add-on deck available for a gold purchase.
  24. Hey, DrDior. I'll pass this off to QA to investigate.
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