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  1. Yep mine is still stuck too. I already have an open support ticket being worked on. Best of luck in sorting out the problem guys.
  2. Already an iOS user into Adventure Pack 3. Bought Steam base version, added on the free Epic and Legendary Card DLC. Installed, then fired up the game and device linked. Game restarted. I do not have access to the Legendary and Epic rarity Treasure DLC though it says it has been installed. Only my previous card unlocks. Example: Per the Steam Epic and Legendary DLC description I should have Favor of Desna/B/Epic. In my collection it shows up as missing when I got to the Filter Treasure option under blessings along with Favor of Erastil, Favor of Irori, and Fabor of Torag. I
  3. So as someone who bought the main bundle and a few other things on mobile the current plan of attack for maximum value is: Wait for ambassador infrastructure to launch. Link the accounts and get the ambassador coupon and DLC code. THEN purchase on Steam for 10% off. Enter DLC code. Play like crazy. Sound about right?
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