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  1. "with the backers"? Are there still outstanding backer rewards from the PE Kickstarter, or does this refer to something else? Love it. I turned off helmet visibility for most of my characters with the cheat console, but for this I think I'll have to turn it on again... Could have been worded better. I meant that the dev team wanted to share the cool stuff they were doing, with the backers.
  2. Technically, pumkinhead mode only works on specific days. So, you could just change your system clock if you want more pumpkinhead fun.
  3. Yup. The official word from GOG is that they are unable to support having one patch for base game users and one patch for base game + expansion users. Their suggestion was to use Galaxy if possible. Unfortunately this means multiple patches for those of you that are playing the expansion on GOG with manual patches.
  4. Sorry. No official release date for the second part of The White March yet. Finishing up wasn't any official term for how far along the game was. More that we were just working on it.
  5. I haven't personally tested GOG, but it should work just fine. There isn't anything that is relying on Steam.
  6. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hello, everyone. Happy Small Harvest! The Pillars team has been hard at work squashing bugs and finishing up The White March - Part II, but that doesn't mean we don't have time for a little fun on the side. In this update we will talk about the Small Harvest holiday, our brand new short stories, and show off some cool new art from The White March - Part II. We'll also go over the latest update that was released, 2.03, and all of the new stuff that is included. In future updates, we will release more exclusive info on The White March - Part
  7. The latest Pillars of Eternity Update, 2.03, is now live on Steam. It will be live on GOG and Origin within the day, You can find the update notes here. The associated backer update will be released shortly.
  8. Hey, everyone. I haven't had a chance to personally read through this thread yet, but we do scour the forums when we are looking for ideas for new features and balancing changes to existing features. I'll read through this thread and pass along ideas to the designers of future PoE products and updates. Thanks for all of the feedback. We really appreciate it.
  9. Hey, Jayngo. We tried to reproduce the issue over here with a few different iPads and we aren't running into the same problem. We were able to get it working in iBooks just fine. Do you have any additional information that might help us figure out the problem?
  10. Hey, everyone. The 2.03 Update Beta (Build 788) is now live on Steam. If you would like to see the premilinary update notes you can find them here. If you would like instructions on how to join the beta, please go here.
  11. Hey, everyone. Here are the 2.03 update notes. Known Issues Pumpkinhead mode has some problems if you use it on a non-human subraced Godlike. The pumpkin can be too high or too low for the head height. UI for soulbound weapons is overlapping on itself. Concelhaut's Crushing Doom can be overpowered when cast by the Visage of Concelhaut. Steam Controller Pillars of Eternity now has support for the Steam controller. The official controller settings are now set as the default. There is a suggested configuration that can be found on the templates tha
  12. Hey, everyone. We have done more investigation. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like something that Obsidian can fix. From what we can tell it looks like there is a problem with the Nvidia driver for El Capitan. The only workaround that we are aware of is to take your game out of fullscreen mode by pressing CMD-F. We will continue to see if there is anything we can do, but we might be at the mercy of Nvidia and Apple to fix the driver.
  13. FYI they fixed at least one thing, the extra kickstarter rewards some non kickstarter backers were getting. That was the clean up. I meant it more in terms of no additional gameplay fixes were added.
  14. We worked with GOG to fix the manual update problems that people were having and GOG let me know that they have rolled out the fixed updaters. For those of you having problems, please let me know if this solves everything for you.
  15. Hey, everyone. For now, you have to install two seperate updates. One for the base game and one for WM content. We will work with GOG in the future to see if we can reduce that to just one patch.
  16. Hey, everyone. We are working with GOG to figure out how to solve these issues for players. Thanks for your patience.
  17. Thanks, Ymarsakar. I will inform GOG that people are having this issue.
  18. I've consolled in Tidefall and when I save/reload, it loses the Draining enchantment. Is this only a problem on GOG? I am not missing the file when I check the latest Steam build and I just checked the build we submitted to GOG and it has the file in it.
  19. Yup. From here on out, if you have WM content, you will need to install both patches to get completely patched up. Will it matter what order you install them? I assumed I would only need the WM version and have already installed it.... It shouldn't matter.
  20. Hey, everyone. Looks like there was a little bit of miscommunication on our part which caused confusion in the update notes. The note that mentioned "Draining Item Mod should only drain 15% attack speed now" was incorrect, but it requires a longer explanation. In The White March a new Item Mod was created that was intended to drain a small amount of attack speed from an opponent and grant it to the weapon's user. Erroneously, this mod was initially named "Draining." Because we already had an Item Mod named Draining in the base game it was causing the old Item Mod to get removed from ol
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