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  1. Hey, hibbtacular. I just checked your account and it looks like your tier didn't come with a copy of the expansion pack. You will need to purchase the expansion through GOG to be able to play it. Here is a link to the page.
  2. It should look like the highlighted part here: http://imgur.com/0lH4mvs
  3. Just send an email to support@obsidian.net. We can hook you up with a new GOG key and revoke your old Steam one. Just let them know what happened.
  4. Really? I was thinking the expansion contained the patch!! You should really put a notice on this (on kickstarter/Steam/GOG/wherever you're selling the game), I guess some people would make the same mistake as I did! (game isn't fully downloaded yet though, so I can still get the patch first). There should be a notice on GOG's page, but I think it is a bit tiny. Steam should automatically patch you to the correct build.
  5. I just wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to give the space pig pet (and Gaun's Pledge) to everyone who buys the expansion as a thank you for their support. Most of you should already have the space pig because he comes with the Kickstarter package, but for those that don't you can now get in on the space pig fun. This is live on Steam and should be live on GOG and Origin shortly.
  6. We are. It is all written up, but I will put it out later today once I get in the office.
  7. Just a note, make sure your game is fully patched up (2.00) before you play. The expansion pack needs a fully patched game to play correctly.
  8. Damnit! :D Hopefully it doesn't cause any issues. I just know that some people got confused the last time we gave people keys a bit early. Let me know if you see any wonkiness when you go to download the game.
  9. From the looks of it, Steam and GOG are both now live! You should be able to redeem now.
  10. Hello, everyone. For those of you that have the expansion pack as part of your reward tier (or an add-on) the keys for The White March are now available on the backer portal. For a refresher on how to redeem your rewards you can go here and check under the section titled "Steps to Redeem Your Items." You will not be able to download the expansion until it is released to the public. This should happen today around 7:00 AM PDT. If you redeem your keys early (especially on GOG) you may not be able to see your expansion pack in your account. To be safe, it is best to hold off on redeeming the key until the product has been released.
  11. Hello, everyone. The 2.00 Update is now live on Steam for everyone. GOG and Origin will have patches up in the next couple of hours. To see some of the changes and fixes you can go here. Have fun and get ready for the release of The White March - Part I.
  12. Welcome aboard. You can access the beta branch by following the instructions here. This will give you all of the information you need to take part in the fun. The great thing about the beta on Steam is that you can opt into a normal build at any time by switching your branch back to the default branch. As for when the patch will officially be released... anywhere from the 20th to the 25th. I would like everyone to be able to play the official beta a few days before the expansion comes out so they can check out the new features we are including.
  13. Beta patches only on Steam? Are you sure? Why?? Bah, I really was hoping I could help you guys squish bugs... Sorry, when I spoke with the representatives at GoG about it they mentioned that they didn't currently have the capability. Maybe we can get something in the future, though.
  14. It depends. If you backed the expansion during the Kickstarter you will get both pieces of the expansion for the one price. Otherwise you will have to purchase both pieces separately. We are making a bundle, though, so it is cheaper for people that want to buy both at once.
  15. The soulbound weapons are very powerful and they are more difficult to get than a normal magic weapon. As such, there aren't a large number of them in the world. Also, there will be more portraits included in the expansion. I don't know the exact amount, but it is a good number of extra ones.
  16. Can't talk about release dates for the second part of the expansion just yet.
  17. The beta branch has been updated with the latest build. This should fix some of the issues that were being reported due to the new build.
  18. Hey, everyone. We are looking to put out another beta build in a few hours that should have fixed some of the issues that were introduced in the last patch. I will keep you informed when/if it goes live on Steam. Nobear: I don't think we will be doing those achievements for the first part of the expansion. We are too far along in development to start introducing those new features. This is something that we can discuss for the second part of the expansion, though. Depends on how robust the system is in their beta.
  19. Probably not until much closer to the release. The business reason behind this has to do with trying to get as many sales at the same time as possible. The more people that purchase the expansion at the same time, the more exposure we are able to generate (which is a loop that starts to feed itself).
  20. Thanks for this info guys. I am passing it along to QA and programming to investigate.
  21. Major New Features Companion AI - You may now set your companions to use AI. For those of you that do not want to micromanage your party, you may now choose to have the AI perform basic commands for you. You can activate and deactivate the AI control at any time, so you can still have ultimate party control when you need it. Each class has specialized AI packages and we will be adding more in the future. Improved Creature AI - Creatures and NPCs will now act more intelligently and make better use of their abilities and spells. Character Retraining - You may now retrain your character and modify their stats for a small fee. Individual Stealth - You may now place individual party members into scouting mode. If some of your party enters combat you will no longer have your entire party leave stealth. Range Indicators - There are now range indicators to let you know the casting range of spells and abilities. Now you will know if your wizard is going to move before he casts that Fireball. Accuracy Indicators - You are now shown the chance to hit on all attacks, abilities, and spells by mousing-over a potential target. Fixed Issues Areas Fixed issue where Calisca was not being teleported after resting in the Ruin Interior. Put in new checks to make sure Raedric wouldn't automatically go hostile if you happened to attack his bodyguards right as the quest dialogue triggered. Fixed contradiction in Kestorik's dialogue in level 12 of Od Nua. Fixed a problem where Incantha could become permanently hostile causing a progression break. Attributes, Abilities, Spells, and Skills Changed Perception bonus from Deflection to Accuracy. Fixed crash that could happen if a Wizard had the Blast ability and targeting many targets. Increased Constitution bonus to Endurance and Health from 3% to 5%. Changed lockpicking so that it now uses three lockpicks if the lock is above your level, one lockpick if the lock is equal to your level, and no lockpicks if the lock is below your level. Antipathetic Field no longer originates from the caster's feet. Amplified Wave VFX have been toned down to be less distracting. Audio Polished many sound effects around the game. Fixed weapon ineffective voice over that was playing at incorrect times. Fixed a problem where pausing the game could cause VO and/or barkstrings to finish early. Gameplay Fixed a problem where friendly auras could grow in size after a save and load. Fixed an issue where chant effects were considered item effects for stacking purposes. This was causing incorrect bonus calculation. Suppressed "Target Destroyed" autopausing if target was the last target in the combat. This will prevent automatic pauses at the end of combat. Figurines now have summon durations. Chanter invocations now have durations. Speed item mod now works correctly. Improved resting bonuses from the Stronghold. Noble's Rest Intelligence bonus lowered to +2. Scroll of Missile Barrage to be combat only. Fixed a problem where stealing part of a stack wasn't registered as stealing. Stealing now only loses reputation once per container. We now have immunities in the game. Some creatures have been updated to make use of them. I'm looking at you blights and dragons... Changed amount of Health that are healed with Wound Binding and Field Triage. Looting equipment off of enemies unequips it from their dead body. Autosave system now uses 3 rolling autosaves instead of one. Improved quality of font text when the game is at a higher resolution than 1920x1200. Vanity pets no longer trigger the bonus from Mob Justice. Korean The Korean font was changed to something more legible. OSX Fixed issue where switching resolutions in windowed mode on the Mac was not working properly. Attempted fix for Mac where game crashes on saves at times. UI Fixed issue where spells with summons could display incorrect info at times. Fixed issue where sorting depth of some UI elements were being changed over time. This was causing some UI screens (like tooltips) to render under active UI screens. Changed formatting of item mods to remove the item mod title and only list the effect. This was to clean up the UI. Added range indicators for Wizard's Blast. Added range indicators for Paladin auras. Added range indicators for Barbarian's Carnage. Fixed a problem where the spell casting cursor didn't refesh its image at times. Fixed issue where inspecting ingredients when crafting could show improper descriptions and icons. Fixed issue where Party Formation UI could overlap with Looting UI. Level up screen background has been updated. Resting bonuses from inns now display the length of time they are active. Moved Skills before Active Effects in character sheet. Stopped scroll position from reseting when changing characters in the character sheet. Made options in the language dropdown always use their native font instead of the font for the current language. Fixed an issue where it was possible to mess up spell selection in Character Creation by moving between stages. Fixed issue where secondary AoE effects were not properly displaying qualifiers. For example, Holy Radiance's Burn AoE only affects vessels, but the description made it appear as if it damaged all enemies. Fixed UI issue where all chants were being labeled "A" after a save and load. Fixed issue where chants could get moved out of order after loading a saved game. Examinable descriptions will no longer disappear while the game is paused Fixed checkbox and numeric widgets on message boxes sometimes showing for a frame Fixed problems where sometimes UI wouldn't differentiate between auras and hazards in descriptions. Fixed a problem where some long titles were being cut off in the UI. Fixed stuttering issues with scrolling text. Fixed an issue where status effects applied by enemy equipment wasn't being shown in the UI
  22. Is anyone else seeing this problem? I would like to see how widespread it is.
  23. It is unlikely. They were disabled on those platforms because they either weren't supported by our cloth solution (Shroud on Linux) or we were having some serious issues that would be dangerous fixes (Shroud on Mac).
  24. This build should mirror the same changes that are currently in the expansion, so any of those changes you heard about should be in this Update. The big difference is that most of the expansion content is not in the base game patch.
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